What anti-theocratic term have you adopted?

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  • wannaexit

    Since joining this board, I've had many laughs while reading some of the UN-theocratic terms some fellow posters use. Here is a list of some of my favorites: • Dubs, • Dubdom, • Kingdumb hall, • Kingdummies, • Witchtower, • Watchtower fable and crap society, • Bet-hell, • The borganization, • The witless, • The district Overbeer, • governing boobs, • circuit overlords, • The Botchtower, There are so many more but I can't remember them all. What term do you like to use?

  • wannaexit

    SORRY for the repeat post, I was trying to format but couldn't wanna

  • Hortensia

    I laugh at some of them when I read them, but don't seem to use them myself.

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