Anyone Live Near Hollywood BLVD in Los Angeles?

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  • FiveShadows

    Okay, so .....i got a ticket =/ I was going 45 ... I was rushing to see the new play 'wicked' ...based off the wizard of oz etc.. It started at 8 and well it was 8:01. Cop pulls me over and says 'you know your going 45 in a 35 zone?' ...he gives me a ticket and since i was in a hurry, i just signed it and took off to the parking lot (which happened to be 2 blocks away grrr) anyway. i look at the ticket and it says that the speed limit was 30! ...but when he told me he said it was 35? i don't live in LA ...does anyone know the speed limit on Hollywood blvd and Orange way? by the Pantasia Theatre area? I'm not sure if i should fight this or not. I mean five miles can add up to my gas money for the next 2 weeks for school. Anyone know anything that might be able to help me in this situation? I live an hour away from LA so i'm wondering if someone that lives close by can tell me what the speed limit is? or a website that i might be able to look at? i looked but didn't find anything that might have the speed limit on there. So i don't know. Is it silly if i fight that the speed limit was 35 not 30 with proof? if it is indeed that? Is there a 'falsification speed limit' that might throw out this speed limit entirely? lol i don't know anything about the law. anyhoo...any help is appreciated...thanks


    p.s. does traffic school have to be completed BEFORE the day your suppose to appear in court? how can you know if your ellidgable for traffic school or not?

  • noontide

    I drive this area everyday. It is a 35 mph zone, though I do not have any photo proof. From your post it seems that you were going 45 miles an hour, so either way, you were still speeding. Was it a motorcycle cop or a car cop? Motorcyle you will loose. If it is a car cop...well, you'll still loose. It's LA, tickets are counted on very heavily to generate revenue in LA. You can try to fight it but I don't think it's worth it. By the way, if you go with the speed of traffic it is very possible that most everyone around you was going the same speed (he just happened to catch you). Good luck to you !


    I drive through this area all the time. Most business districts are 35. You can fight it if you choose. Get the Nolo Press' book on fighting a speeding ticket. It gives you everything you need to know to fight the ticket. I have used it in the past to fight a speeding ticket and won (that should not be construed as a gaurantee of victory however). If you fight the ticket you will be required to pay the infraction fine (this is bail to ensure your return on the court date), and the judge will schedule you for a court date. Since the infraction occurred in Hollywood, you can call the Hollywood station, and ask if the issuing officer when scheduled for vacation, and then ask the judge for a court date during that time. No cop, no conviction since you have the right to face your accuser. Believe it or not stations will give out this information! You can then subpoena the records of the radar gun and all the calibration tools used for the gun that nailed you. If those are out of order in the least, case dismissed. If those reocords are in order, then you will need to go further. This is covered in any fight your ticket book, but I recommend Nolo Press.

    Re. traffic school: You will need to attend the court date (arraignment) first, and ask the judge for traffic school as there are certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify. Among those qualifications is that you have not taken traffic school in the past 18 months. BTW, the only thing traffic school does is eliminate the point that will be added to your driving record, and the subsequent increase to your auto insurance. You will still have to pay for the driving school and the infraction fine.

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