Any problem with irradiated food?

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  • Gregor

    The technology is there, Food can be stored longer, fresh food lasts longer, no worry about e coli, salmonella, etc. meat or produce. The only delay is because of the loonies who are afraid of it. Same people that still won't use a microwave oven. Meanwhile, the rest of us don't get the benefit of a great technology.

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate

    Well, here's some food for thought (pardon the pun):

    BA- Rarely uses words such as "loonies" when casting aspersions on things I haven't thoroughly researched. Methinks others might benefit from doing likewise.

    PS- Enjoy!

  • MissingLink

    What I think is looney is that people would not allow use of this technique to provide food for people with 90% chance of starving, for fear of a 0.1% chance they might end up with a disease.

  • sir82

    I think it's nice that you no longer have to worry about changing the light bulb in the refrigerator!

  • JeffT

    Food for thought: heat is a form of radiation, just at a lower freqeuncy. Are the people opposed to irridiating food also opposed to cooking it?

  • snowbird

    Sun-dried fruits (tomatoes, peaches, apples) were once a staple in our households.

    Ah, the good old days ...


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Isn't this what got that whole Godzilla problem going?

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