The End of JW's

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  • Currientology

    The end of the JW's....

    The end of the JW's within my family is near (relatively, and God willing). The only 2 remaining are my mother and father in law. They are not quite “elderly” yet. But, will be... soon. For them I wish good health, long life, and the comfort of their religion. For the current and future generations... It is our responsibility in education, guidance, and prevention...

    I would like to say someday we will all be free..
    In historical observation, however... I see our actions indicating otherwise...

  • shamus100

    I wish you all the best! However,

    Dubs will always be around. I agree - prevention, education... it's all we have.

    As for dubs, they will morph into the ever-changing new light and get more converts. It will never end.

  • LisaAnn

    thanks Shamus you're so upbeat

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