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    Please forward this message to whoever you may think would be
    interested and please post this on websites. Thankyou..

    1) Legal experts say that I will win the Appeal. Refer to
    judgments-and-the-ethical-obligations-of-lawyers-and-judges/ 2) Please view my youtube video entitled "INSTITUTIONAL MURDER".
    It is on page 18 in the "Jehovah's Witnesses" search or type in "
    videos and I would appreciate your feedback and ideas on other videos. 3) Please visit our new website at :

    As pointed out by Kerry Louderback-Wood and others, the Watchtower
    Society over Jehovah's Witnesses has taken out of context or
    misapplied quotes from secular authorities. It keeps giving out
    dated and/or vague information concerning medical treatments. Inquiry to American Red Cross showed 100 people in 1,000 (i.e. 10%)
    need blood in some form. Multiplied by a million that's 100,000.
    Multiplied by 8 million active JWs, that's 800,000. Most don't get
    the needed blood and afterwards many die! The ratio may be far worse
    for many still developing nations. Watchtower can deny this and similar estimations all they want, but
    let the record also note that they are ignoring the fact that even
    one sacrificed human is one too many! How many hundreds of thousands
    must die to draw due attention from media and officials worldwide?!!
    (See QUESTIONS FOR JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES by William I. and Joan Cetnar,
    1982 edition; p. 26 of 1996 edition by Prometheus Books of David A.
    Reed's book Blood On The Altar: Confessions Of A Jehovah's Witness

    Surely you too are sickened by even the thought of senseless
    Institutional deaths or murder!

    Yes, in almost every hospital in the world, Jehovah's Witnesses are
    dying................ refusing life saving whole blood transfusions.

    Millions of Jehovah's Witnesses are in danger of dying unless
    something is done to prevent it.

    These victims are being coerced under duress of severe loss of normal
    ties including with family members, brain-washed and misled.

    The Watchtower Society practices amount to senseless wrongful
    Martyrdom and on a regular basis they honor the deaths of Jehovah's
    Witnesses who die refusing a blood transfusion.

    Yes, the cover of the May 22, 1994 Awake! magazine published by the
    Watchtower Society shows pictures of twenty six beautiful children
    with their faces gleaming and smiling. Many of them died refusing a
    blood transfusion. It is for honoring their deaths. (Google for photo or see it at http://www.cftf.com/comments/kidsdied.html)

    The title of the magazine brags, "Youths Who Put God First."

    The preamble on the second page reads, "In former times thousands of
    youths died for putting God first. They are still doing it, only
    today the drama is played out in hospitals and courtrooms, with blood
    transfusions the issue."

    The first story is about Adrian, a fourteen year old boy who died
    refusing a blood transfusion. The title of his story reads, "He
    remembered his Creator in the Days of his Youth."

    This is one of many stories in this magazine telling how Jehovah's
    Witness children were Martyred.

    My sixteen year old daughter Bethany told me that her lawyer from
    headquarters promised her that she would be featured in the "Awake!"
    magazine, if she died refusing a blood transfusion.

    Watchtower officials convinced my young daughter that arsenic would
    cure her skin cancer, took her into hiding and arranged for her to
    receive the arsenic. The arsenic given instead of standard blood
    transfusions killed her.

    Bethany had received treatments for leukemia and her disease was in
    remission. In an affidavit prepared by the Watchtower lawyers,
    Bethany stated that she was afraid that if the disease did return,
    that Child Welfare would seek an Apprehension and Treatment Order and
    force her to receive blood transfusions.

    I sent all the medical records to three experts, one being the World
    Expert of Pediatric Oncology. The experts agree that Bethany had a
    50% chance of living if she had received standard medical care. The
    experts also agree that arsenic is not a cure for skin cancer or AML
    leukemia which was the disease Bethany had.

    Bethany could be alive today if they had not convinced her about the
    arsenic. Bethany had a fighting chance to live, and they took that
    away from her..

    Will you help me to put an end to the needless deaths of Jehovah's
    Witnesses? Will you help me put an end to the Watchtower
    Society's "Blood Policy"? I have two other daughters to worry
    about. Others have also lost loved ones and may lose still more. MORE

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    AK - Jeff

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