Does anyone know how to make a j peg/picture from a PDF?

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  • middleman

    Can this be done? I've been taking screenshots of PDF books to put online, but it there a better way to show the whole page? Thanks for your help. Blessings.........

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My quick thought is to print out the pdf and scan it back in as jpg files.

    Perhaps someone else has a better idea

  • VM44

    You might have to buy Adobe Acrobat.

    I believe you can then use the "Export" function to save pages as a jpeg or in other image formats.

  • daniel-p

    Try File/Save As, and look for the option to save as a jpeg. However, I have Acrobat Professional and don't know if this feature is available on the other versions.

    Also, try File/Print, and in the print address bar, see if you can print to the "Microsoft Document Image Writer". This will produce a tiff file which can be used similarly to a jpeg, and can also be exported or saved as a jpeg.

  • middleman

    Thand yall for the ideas I'll be trying them shortly. Blessings............

  • middleman

    Lady Lee, your idea worked!! Now I have the task of re-doing my screen shots hehe. Thanks again. Blessings..........

  • middleman

    AlphaOmega, which one do you use by chance? I just downloaded and tried a few. The problem is that none are truly fee and want you to pay after a month or so. One worked well but they put their damn logo on it and said you must pay to take the logo off!! GRRRR......
    Any advice of a good free one would be much appreciated.


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