The anointed and the great crowd having same spiritual dispensation?

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  • StAnn

    I've been searching but can't come up with the right terms. Recently there was a post of an article saying that the anointed remnant and the great crowd neither were inspired or different spiritually or something.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can you point me to the article?

    Thanks in advance for sorting out my confused mind!


  • yknot

    It might be the May 1, 2007 QFR click here to confirm file/5xe9tv

  • StAnn

    Bingo! Love you to death! You've made my day!


  • Kosonen

    I read this article, nice that they accept now new anointed brothers and sisters.

    Why did they primarly persecute new anointed ones?

    I think the main reason was to keep them away from giving "new understanding" contrary to Governing Body, like Catholic inquisition.

    This article was written in the same spirit, so that nobody would listen to other anointed than those in the Governing Body. In the same time they recently clearly stated in the WT that all anointed are the slave-class. And that the Governing Body represents those. That should mean that they are open to listen individuals among the anointed, about their Bible-understanding. But they refuse. On my webpage you can find new bibleunderstanding. The Goverining body got the same information. But I did not get any reply.

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