JEHOVAH A Partial / Selective GOD

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  • smiddy

    Jehovah only dealt with a patriarchal family after Adam sinned .He then only turned his attention to the 12 tribes of what was to become the nation of Israel .

    Apparently he did not give two hoots about the rest of mankind outside of this small group of people compared to the rest of humanity.

    4000 years later he declares his love for the world and had his son sacrificed , setting up a system ( Christianity ) starting off with Jews and then allowing Gentiles to enter., again neglecting the rest of humanity / Nations on the earth , leaving them to their own desires.

    During the first 4000 years he spent a helluva lot of time and energy trying to convince the Jews he was Almighty GOD .

    Performing miracles ,raising the dead ,slaughtering opponents with Angelic intervention ,committing genocide on Israels behalf ,etc.etc. You know the drill.

    No such effort was made trying to convince other nations or blessing them for their achievements advancing civilization , they were left to their own device , no direction ,no help , or instruction was given to them whatsoever .

    And nothing has changed this past 2000 years , it started out as a small group who by "Divine Providence" were to be called " Christian" according to the Bible , and again he is only acting on behalf of this group , neglecting all other nations who now cover most of this earth.

    So my question is : If Jehovah really did love the "world" humanity , why did he not act in behalf of all humanity instead of singling out a minority group of people 6000 years ago and continuing on with that policy till today ?

    If he truly is the Almighty GOD Jehovah surely he could have embraced all the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve and their offspring instead of just a select few.

    Surely his neglect of the majority of his creation is an evidence of his apathy towards humans .Past & present.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Smiddy, I can't argue with any of that. At the very least the attempt at enlightenment to anyone but the West is inefficient of him. Can you imagine a literature cart on a street corner in Syria right now. In fact the birthplace of this idea is the source of more barbarity than has been seen for centuries. Wait a minute, it is since the time of the 12 tribes and the blood letting in the same lands. It's interesting that the three major religions that stemmed from Abraham, Jews, Muslims and Christians are living in such peace heh!

    It all worked really well didn't it?

  • freemindfade

    Well he couldn't go switch it up and see how the native American people's would take to him... or indigenous south americans, or Africans and so on.... he had a legal contract with the jews!


  • redvip2000

    During the first 4000 years he spent a helluva lot of time and energy trying to convince the Jews he was Almighty GOD .

    Performing miracles ,raising the dead ,slaughtering opponents with Angelic intervention ,committing genocide on Israels behalf ,etc.etc.

    Well looks like we got short-changed. I mean if Jehoober was doing all of these things right now to try to convince mankind, i'm sure there would be a lot more believers. Instead, all we have is a book.

    Imagine if he was able to raise Elvis from the dead or Einstein, now that would be spectacular. Millions would come to know him and become believers.

  • Simon

    Yeah, even if you buy into the whole bible story Gd still doesn't come out of it looking very good. Certainly less than divine.

    How crap of a god do you have to be to provide your own narrative and still come out of it looking like a douche?

    If course the reality is that he's simply a product of the xenophobic misogynistic inventors and all his "qualities" really reflect their flaws.

  • Miles
    The idea that man was created perfect and God is perfect does not make sense; if Eve was really perfect she would of never sinned in the first place because she would of been perfect, lol. It's all boloney.
  • economy
    I would rather blame the writers, not God. Jehovah is not correctly depicted in the Bible.
  • WTWizard

    This same philo-Semitism found in the LIE-ble is also pro-slavery. It is also homophobic, full of hatred for people that simply want to be left alone, and is in favor of a small group of people barging into inhabited territory and blowing up or otherwise destroying everything because they didn't want to worship joke-hova. Those who bowed down were spared but enslaved. Unless they became full proselytes, they were nothing but slaves.

    This smut is not limited to the Old Testament. Christi-SCAM-ity is communism in disguise. Just look at how many strict denominations where all property is communal. Even the cat licks have this smut--just try going into a monastery with a silver quarter and see how long it remains "your" quarter. The whole LIE-ble, even the New Testament, condones slavery. You supposedly owe joke-hova everything. You are supposedly a good for nothing slave, a sinner worthy of nothing but damnation. Then this thing came along and offered to release you, under the condition that you disown yourself and live as a slave. Is that what you want?

    Now, anyone can recall how many times through the whole LIE-ble Israel and Jerusalem, whether physical or spiritual, are/is mentioned. Even though Christi-SCAM-ity was opened to Gentiles, they still had ties to this "new Jerusalem" and "spiritual Israel". To me, that tells more about who is really in charge of this world--even though you cannot condemn or criticize those trying to enslave you and us, their own LIE-ble does a pretty good job at doing just that.

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