R.I.P Nelly O'Grady

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  • nelly136

    Spent last few months in jah-jireh residential home in peterborough area somewhere, and died in hospital August 3rd 2008

    90+ years old and about 60+ years service as a faithful jw.

    thankyou to the non jw person who confirmed my suspicions last week that my nan had died.....allowing me to ring round half of cambridge and peterborough to get the details that werent forthcoming from anywhere else

    You never knew you were my safest sanctuary as a child, and although contact was so very lacking for the last 20+ years due to the cult of jw, i will always remember and cherish you as the warm cuddly kissy person i could escape to, i just wish my children had had the benefit of knowing you as i did as a child.

    you were one hell of an awesome nan.

    fly free 'Ducky'

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    May she find peaceful rest and have the realization of all that made her happy.

    I feel sad for your loss. I know you probably have lots of folks to talk with and many shoulders to cry on, but if you need me I am here....

  • Quandry

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your nan. May your memories comfort you.

  • chickpea

    i am glad you have such fond memories to cherish

    godspeed nelly o'grady

  • free2think

    Im so sorry to hear about your loss Nelly. Im glad you have such fond memories to look back on hon.

  • sf

    Oh god nelly, I'm so sorry for you, and for her.

    Scared me though...thought someone was accessing your account to say it was you.

    Take good care lady...


    Love, sKally

  • nelly136

    my logic is......the sites going to be archived so she'll be immortalised for a whiles yet, lets face it at the kingdom hall where she's served her purpose for the last 60+ years most of them will be saying.....nelly's dead? nelly who??

    when i say most i'm not talking about the golden oldies, the ones like her who actually cared for others (you know the kind i mean). some of them are as cool as she was in their own ways.

    i'm not really sad shes died, she had alzheimers and was in a home a long way from anything familiar or anyone she may have still recognised, i'd rather she be free and at peace than sitting by a door waiting for someone to come take her home, and wondering why no one ever did over and over. i've worked with old people a lot over the years i know how that pans out. this way is better.

    thankyou for the thoughts, and yup the memories are still great even tho theres been a huge gap on the end

  • nelly136

    ooops soz skally

  • nelly136

    Drove the 3 hours to the crematorium five of us in the car.

    Handful of jws from the jah-jireh home were decanting from the jah-jireh home bus,

    we stood around waiting in the porch, noticed 2 people and child from nans home congregation,(woohoo pushed the boat out then!).

    Overheard the home town jw lady telling the jah-jireh pepes that the relative wouldn't be present as the relative couldn't cope with being there. (don't think she realised we were waiting for that funeral)

    Coffin arrived so we went and sat down in the relative row. (slight confusion in the ranks)

    Unfamiliar elder obviously from that end not this starts the sermon.

    Ellen/Helens sermon followed (who the heck helen was i have no idea but she was alternated in right through the sermon.......maybe there was a bogof on the coffin deal........ )

    No info had been forthcoming from 'relative' but gleaned info (at least the ashford lady musta filled him in a bit)..... married had children and was survived by one relative her *daughter* who couldn't be there. (scotch mist moment while penny drops 5 pepes definately not jw sitting in front row)

    Awkward pause while he asks if theres any relatives or friends in pews......ummm yup "grandaughter actually" and spread my hands out to my off-spring.

    Born 1915, baptised 1947, was one of the first jws in ashford in the days when there was just a tin hut and the closest toilet was in the pub down the road. she led bible studies with her friend elsie asks if anyone remembers and looks at me...(probably checking he's got that right cos obviously now he's not so sure) of course things have changed since then.

    60+ years taking care of her brothers and sisters building her heavenly bank account, millions now living will never die (hey didnt that change?) anyway don't think he quite recovered from the family moment cos he fluffed his scriptures through the infomercial.

    Lots of mentions of 'our souls' sounded like arseholes this and arseholes that......bit hard to keep a straight face for those.

    keep your eyes on the prize.....oh grief it had to be that one...sigh

    prayer mentioning helen again...(gritting my teeth by now....ellen!! fer fex sake its ellen!!!! )

    my nan was only ever known as Nelly amongst her friends and relatives, Nelly didnt get a look in but i'm sure Helen was very grateful for the honourable mention.

    When my non jw grandad died the elders did his funeral for my nan.

    When my dfd dad died one of the local elders offered to do his. (his wife declined)

    My nan who put in 61 years of faithful dub service and ran round looking after the local dubs for years, feeding their old, tending their sick. The woman who put in the foundations with her little handful of friends into the two congregations they have today, didnt even warrant a sermon from a local elder who knew her name, never mind the lack of presense from all her so called *brothers and sisters*.

    i did feel a bit sorry for the poor guy doing the talk, he did the best he could for a total stranger, it was nice of the home town jw lady and her hubby and littlun to go (this is the kind of jw i was referring to in earlier post), and of course the home for sending a handful so the place wasnt so empty.

  • free2think

    Wow, thank you for sharing how the funeral went Nelly, it must have been a very difficult day for you and your family, and im shaking my head in disgust that there weren't more people there to remember your nan after everything she had done and all her devoted service.

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