LOCAL mini-APOSTAFEST (Sunday 3 /15) Fort Worth (Camp Bowie Starbucks)

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  • TerryWalstrom

    It looks like 5 of us will get together tomorrow at a Starbucks on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas.

    This is one of those impromptu occasions which either suddenly come together or else just get jaw-jacked into a non-event:)

    Ricky G is a recently minted Ex-JW who is moving to my vicinity from Denton. He has posted his story and other videos on YouTube. He'll be there and we'll meet for the first time.

    Also, I'm thrilled to report, a young man who is still a JW (but whose eyes are now open) will attend. Add to that an old alumnus from JW-net, James Woods will drive over in his Rolls Royce from Dallas to keep us company. Rounding out this dangerous pack of Apostates is my old friend Quentin and myself.

    If any other eyes see this rather hasty notice and want to join us, PLEASE DO!

    On this map (below) the Starbucks is directly across the street from La Madeleine bakery.


  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hi Terry,

    That sounds like a great group, and I sure wish I could be there myself. Alas, I am basking in life with my true love and soulmate up here in snowy NH, so getting down there on such short notice is nigh on impossible.

    Nevertheless, I hope you all have a wonderful visit. Your other apostabuddies expect a full report (redacted as necessary, of course), so we can vicariously enjoy the mini-apostafest in absentia.


  • TerryWalstrom

    I've been to probably 4 or 5 get-togethers in ten years and the people are so normal I can't understand why I subconsciously expect the classic "apostate" to show up with a bandolier and hand grenades :)

    If the Ex-Jdubs I've met are a sampling of the rest worldwide, the Kingdom Halls are much worse off without them. Who would want to exclude such fine people?

  • talesin

    Hey, Terry. If you don't mind me saying, would you call Steve and invite him? Or maybe Q might want to do that?

    Seriously, that would be a GOOD THING.

    Umm,, olkay, I will PM you his number. I don't do facebook nowadays.

    xx :

    tal :sunglasses:

  • blondie
    Wish we could be there. Have a great time everyone!
  • TerryWalstrom

    Well, we had a blast!

    Ricky G showed up as a newly minted Apostate who has recently moved to Tarrant County. His wife had turned him in to the Judicial committee for apostasy! He was disfellowship about a year ago and he's trying to put his life back together due to the split with his spouse.

    James Wood drove all the way over from the other side of Dallas in his Aston Martin sports car! James, as you'll recall from his record-breaking WIBBLE topic here on JW-net, has been a long time Ex-JW who was DF'd about the same time as I was in the late 70's.

    Jordan was there, and I have to laugh a bit--he was so nervous and paranoid!

    Jordan is the young man who, some 4 or 5 months ago, I interrupted as he was debating the Trinity with a friend at Starbucks. He was clearly a JW, and he'd said something disparaging about 'Apostates.')

    Now that Jordan is 'awake' he's been reading everything he can find and making accelerated progress. He and Ricky G have been chatting on the phone lately and they were glad to finally meet.

    Yes, Jordan kept looking over his shoulder, worrying he'd see somebody from his Kingdom Hall. We moved to a less high-profile table and he was able to relax a bit more :)

    I was hoping One-Eyed Joe could make it, but he's forced to be wary and vigilant because of his wife's suspicions as to his Organization-loyalty. Perhaps next time, eh?


    What's important in get-togethers is this. Do not underestimate how isolated an EX-JW is psychologically. Nobody else. . . NOBODY. . . can really understand the experience of having been a Jehovah's Witness. You can't really explain it to a regular Christian. They've no idea. So, to fellowship with one of your own kind is healing, comforting, and best of all--freeing!


    Too bad it was a stag event; it's always better when you can mix with former 'sisters' as well. I'd love to discover more ex-J dubs in this vicinity. So, if any of you are out there, let me know!

    I'd highly encourage any of you, regardless of where you live, to have an impromptu meetup. It only takes two to make acquaintance and form a bond of healing and encouragement. You'll be amazed at how much you share in common which is impossible to share with anybody else.

    So, think about and, above all, TRY IT--you'll like it!

  • MrCellophane
    Wow . . . Sorry I missed it. I'm in Tarrant county but I don't have a Rolls or an Aston Martin.
  • TerryWalstrom

    Mr. Cellophane, I don't even have a car--but my bicycle gets me where I need to go:)

    We'd love to have you come out next Sunday. We decided to make it a regular thing.

    PM me with your cell number or e-mail, of you like.

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