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  • Mebaqqer2

    Well, everyone was wondering about what the Japanese text said on the page possible-san referenced ( so I worked on translating it. I placed it here rather than his post as his post has ready scrolled out of the new topic area and I wasn't sure if anyone would see. Anyways, here is the first part...

    The Words of Junzo Akashi

    - Contents of the letter sent to president Nathan H Norr after World War II by the pre-war representative Junzo Akashi (July, 1889 – November 14, 1965) of the Japanese branch (Todai Company) of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) –

    (picture stuff omitted for now)

    Hikari Bulletin. Special Edition. 3 rd issue. July 15, 1947:

    1 . For at least the past ten years, I can not approve of the signs of progression in the explication of Biblical truths.

    2 . In regards to the present, the desperate claims for the campaign to recruit citizens [for God’s Kingdom] does not biblically conform with the so-called theocratic(1) establishment.

    3 . The policy of encouraging the so-called witnessingcampaign of God’s kingdom, in brief, is no more than for recruiting members into the Watchtower Society.

    4 . The guidelines of the headquarters, as concerns loyal Christians, causes (them) to live peacefully in a cheap, self consultative place outside of the sole standard specified in the Bible.

    5 . In spite of their own being conscience or not, the manufacturing of various personal rules and regulationssnatches away the freedom that has been awarded at long last to true Christians by means of the Lord Jesus and, with regards to the Watchtower headquarters, causes a result in which compulsion through blind obedience to their superiors to be apparent .

    6 . In spite of the headquarters currently teaching non-compromise with this world in regards to Watchtower followers, the actions of the headquarters itself show clear proof of compromise in regards to this world.

    7: The construction of the so-called “Gilead Seminary” was an absolutely rebellious reversal(2) to what is indicated in the Bible."

    (1) The Japanese word for "Theocratic" here is shinkenseiji. The bold emphasis from possible-san's page is only on part of this word, so I have tried to reproduce that emphasis here.

    (2) I could not figure out how to translate the word haihangyakkou accurately. This is actually a compounded word. haihan means "revolting; rebellion; going against; contradiction; antinomy" and gyakkou means "adverse; go backward; retrograde". "rebellious reversal" is the best I could to to make sense of the compounded idea.

    ...The words that follow will have to wait for another time as it would take me more time that I can devote right now.


  • whitman

    Thanks for translating that Mebaqqer. Much appreciated.

  • possible-san

    Hi! Mebaqqer (Hebrew meaning; overseer)

    I appreciate your translation.
    It is very difficult work for me.
    However, I express a little of my opinion.

    (1) I think that the English word "approve" may give people misunderstanding.The meaning of his words is "the society is not progressing at all."

    (2) The word which he is using here is not "shinken-seiji" but "shinken-seifu".
    This Japanese may be able to be translated into "theocratic government" in English.

    (3) The Japanese word "Gilead Seminary" is the "(the Watchtower) Bible College of Gilead" in English.
    He protested against President Knorr, because it was a "College".
    He knew "ministers are exempt from military service" in the United States.
    That "(Bible) College" is for using the "privilege", H
    e thought so.

    Later that name was changed to the Watchtower Bible "School" of Gilead.
    Do you know the reason which changed the name?
    It is because Junzo Akashi protested.


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