List of questions given to the Moody Bible Institute by the Watchtower Society

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    I am curious about a list of questions the WT Society sent to the Moody Bible Institute. I may not have all the facts correct. Blame my failing memory.

    Years ago, in the 70's I believe, there was discussion about the Moody Bible Institute challenging the Watchtower Society to a debate. The Society told Moody that they would agree to a debate IF Moody answered a series of questions. Apparently the questions were never answered and the debate never took place. Does anyone have a copy of these questions? I think there were about 30 in total.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Sorry for the interruption. I Googled and found the list on Topix JW's

    It is the following:

    "The following questions were prepared by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in reply to a request for debate from the Moody Bible Institute. The Society proposed that if they could satisfactorily give them Bible answers to these questions, then they would be willing to debate. An answer was never received.

    1. Was Eden on earth or in heaven?

    2. Was Adam created mortal or immortal?

    3. If Adam had not sinned, would he have died?

    4. On account of sin Adam died, so does that prove he was mortal?

    5. Is there a difference between eternal life and immortality?

    6. If Adam had lived forever, would you call that immortality?

    7. Can a person live eternally, and yet, not be immortal?

    8. If Adam could not go to heaven without dying, and could not die without sinning, does that not prove sin was a blessing to the human family?

    9. Did Adam lose an earthly or heavenly home?

    10 If Jesus came to restore what Adam lost (Luke 19:10), what will be restored?

    11. Was Adam a single individual, or two individuals in one?

    12. If composed of two parts, soul and body; which one was Adam?

    13. What was the responsible part that could think, feel, and act?

    14. Which part was it that sinned, soul or body?

    15. If it was the soul, then why does the body have to suffer?

    16. If it was the body, then why does the soul need to be saved?

    17. In Genesis 3:11 (“Who told thee thou wast naked?”), which part of Adam did God talk to, soul or body?

    18. What is the “thou” referred to in Genesis 3:17 (“Thou hast eaten”)?

    19. If you say it refers to the soul, then to what does the word “thou” refer to in Genesis 3:19, 20 (“Dust thou art, and to dust, thou shalt return.”)?

    20. How many different penalties were passed on Adam for sinning?

    21. Was one penalty pronounced against the soul, and a different one against the body?

    22. Then, explain Ezekiel 18:20 and Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10?

    23. Is the penalty mentioned at Genesis 2:17, different from Genesis 3:19?

    24. If there was only one penalty, what was it?

    25. Does the Bible say the penalty against Adam, was death, a returning to the dust?

    26. Or, an endless life of misery in a burning hell?

    27. Suppose that all that happened in Eden, no Savior had come; where would the human race spend eternity (righteous David, for example.)?

    28. Did Jesus really die when he was impaled at Golgotha?

    29. Or, was it only his body that died (implying that Jesus soul is immortal)?

    30. If Jesus had an immortal soul that did not die, and that immortal was Jesus himself; have we not been misinformed that Jesus died for sinners?

    31. Why not just say that the body Jesus lived in died for the body Adam lived in, and that the real Jesus did not die at all, and the real Adam (and the rest of humanity) simply was not (were not) saved?"

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Don't quite know what the story is here but one thing's for sure, those are not the type of questions that the Watchtower would ask or even dwell upon. Too many angels on the head of a pin type of questions that only a theologian with different beliefs than the Watchtower would ask.
  • stuckinarut2
    The society would never enter into debates etc...They feel they are far above that sort of thing now.
  • smiddy

    In the early days they did enter into debates .In the 1960`s , I think on channel 7 TV ,their was a debate that took place , again I think on a Friday evening called Meet the Press ? It was a debate with a witness P.O at the time by the name of Kinnimouth ,( not sure of the spelling) with members of the Melbourne Australia .

    I was new in the "truth" at the time and the witness ran rings around his opponents using his bible ,which they did not. At first the audience were a little hostile to him , however he one them over and they listened with respect to what he had to say.

    .At the time it made a big impression on me , convincing me J.W,`s had the "truth"

    It was years later when the Society stopped getting into debates with anyone.

    just saying


  • Vidiot

    I heard about this too.

    I think it's a JW urban legend.

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