Seizures or something else?

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  • snarf

    Looking for someone who has had similar symptoms, or even knows anyone with symptoms and what it might be. I have been having Arm spasm on my right arm for over 3 months now. They are not constant and seems to be worse in the sun and wind. My right arm will go stiff and muscles tighten as well as my hand gets "stuck" for a few seconds. It can happen several times a day. I have been seeing a neurologist for a month, I have had ct scan, mri, eeg, video eeg-48 hours, blood tests and everything has come back normal so far. I am sick of tests. I went into a full body siezure about 2 months ago, but was still conscience through the whole thing, just couldn't control my arms, legs, hands, feet and back muscles and stomach were all spasming. I know something is wrong, and just sick of tests. My muscles have become VERY sore due to all the spasms and would like maybe some insight from someone who has similar issues. Also, I am only on synthroid for a hypothyroid so has nothing to do with pills. I know this isn't a medical forum but any help and thoughts would be appreciated.

  • SuperApostateGirl


    I may actually be knowledgeable on this ,tee,hee.

    Paramedic 10yrs and a Structural Integrationist(Fascial Therapist-Advanced Deep Tissue Bodywork), anywho definetly not seizures or a pinched nerve

    if a CT scan can't find it.I'd say possibly adhesied fascial tissue,it'll cause the affected area to go tight and spasm.Look for your closest Rolfer or Hellerworker they are

    both structural Integrators.Peace Out

  • SuperApostateGirl

    Ex-Nae my last comment that'll teach me for scanning your post,sorry! I missed the full body rigidity! Sounds like you need to read up on the different type of seizures .

    I feel blonde,the cape doesn't make me feel better!

  • snarf

    Superapostategirl....Thanks for your help!!! My neurologist said sometimes a seizure disorder won't show up with tests, but I hate to have someone guess at something and put me on meds if there is no solid proof. I am goiung to get a second opinion in about 3 weeks, thanks gagain!!!

  • Rabbit

    Yep, I've had epilepsy for about 20 years, possibly a head injury. My seizure don't cause convulsions, but, I can go 'blank'. Sometimes I'm conscious of what's up and sometimes I 'lose time' with amnesia before and after the seizure. Mine is temporal lobe - partial complex.

    I'm not familiar with the shoulder thing, but, the seizure sounds like a Grand-Mal. In all these years they have never been lucky enough to be testing while I had one. I wish you good luck...and please be careful. This can change a LOT of things in your life. Some things you just won't be able to do anymore.

    Hang in there ! It may take some experimenting to get your 'soup' of Rx's so they'll work for you.

    Don't give up, OK ?

  • avishai

    Sounds like what I have, some form of dystonia. Ask for a referral to a movement disorder specialist. Dystonia/dyskinesia/torticullis are in the same category, they're the third largest movement disorder around, but seizure neurology specialists rarely seem to catch it.

  • avishai

    Actually sounds alot like what i have. Google Hemidystonia

  • WingCommander

    How about Lyme Disease? Did you get tested (or retested, it doesn't always show up) for Lyme Disease? Symptoms all sound the same, but then again you would have had to have been bitten by a flea or tick in order to get it.

    Where you ever bitten by a tick?

    - Wing Commander

  • ex-nj-jw

    Before I got to the end of you thread I was thinking Thyroid??? But if that's been checked and your meds adjusted, my advise to you is to continue with various testing.

    It's called Practicing Medicine for a reason. The doctors have to rule out this, that and the other to sometimes get you an answer. There are some things we can never figure and are given diagnosis such as idiopathic...... That just means they are stumped and can't figure out why it's happening. My brother has been dealing with this type of dx for 7 years now. Everything pointed to a stroke but every test ruled it out, go figure.

    Just hang in there, try to be patient. Keep a diary of what you do, eat, drink and any OTC medications you take that you might not think could have an effect and follow up regularly with your MD.

    Good luck


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