The Angels of Edgeware Rd

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  • digderidoo

    For those that don't know Edgware Rd is one of the underground stations where one of the London 7/7 bombs went off.

    I have been watching a documentary tonight on ch4 about how some went back to help others when the underground bombs went off. Instead of thinking of themselves and getting out, the show concentrated on three individuals who stopped to help.

    One girl moved from one carriage into the one that got bombed to help. She came across a lady who died with her. She then came to a man who had his leg severed, her limited first aid saved his life.

    Another man broke the glass window of the train in the opposite track he was on to enter the train that got bombed to help. This was very moving, he explained how one guy was basically severed and bled to death in his arms. He then answered a lady screaming who had been blown out of the train, because of the prior death he was determined this lady wouldn't die, so stayed with her and did everything he could to keep her alive.

    Another guy who was injured himself stayed with a man who eventually lost his leg. An artery was severed and he did everything he could to stop the bleeding. The guy kept him conscious and held the mans hand and promised him he wouldn't leave him until help came, this the other guy said was the most reasurring thing. They remain friends to this day.

    It took paramedics 45 minutes to get to the train. These people could have ran for their lives as many did and who would have blamed them for doing that. but instead they actually turned back to help. Because of their actions they each saved a life.

    I see much evil in this world. When i hear of certain crimes i really think at times that there is so much wrong with some people. I guess this documentary has put a bit of faith back in human nature for me.


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Sounds like a very interesting documentory. Sometimes we forget how much good there is in people. We hear so much about the bad and not enough about all the true heros out there and there are many who never get mentioned.

    To hold the hand of a dying person is heroic, in my eyes. There are many other sacrifices made daily by those who choose to support others in their troubles.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • llbh

    I am basically very positive about people and things like this reinforce my view.

    I have had a lot of crap, seen alot , but i have been the recipient of alot kindness too , and that is what i dwell on mostly

    These people were extraordinarlly brave and kind in terrible circumstances


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