is JEHOOBIE playing for time?

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  • hamsterbait

    The Witchtower seems to be fishing around for some new "HOT POTATO" that will preoccupy the R&F and enable them to keep everbody running in circles until the old litterature has been forgotten.

    The noolite at present just hangs fire, with nobody knowing the way forward.

    How will the winners of the current power struggle in Crooklyn Beth hELL EXPLAIN this hiatus, this caesura?

    Maybe they will bring in the scripture in Revelation " and a silence occurred in Heaven for half an Hour."

    See the WT 20-- p25 "Staying Loyal despite Divine Silence":

    " During recent years, members of the Christian Congregation may have noted that whilst some teachings of old timers on the Gibbering Buddy was no longer explicated in the pages of this magazine, nothing satisfactory was put in its place for quite some time. Apparently, this was in fulfillment of the words in Revealation, of "silence occurring in Heaven for half an Hour". Truly this period of silence from the Sanctuaray of Jehoobie is testing his servants at the very "end of this system of things" . How happy we shall be as Christians to stand patiently until full clarification arrives!

    Never may we run ahead of the Divine Chariot, or look elsewhere for guidance."


  • BurnTheShips

    IT is coming down to penalty kicks


    The WBT$ will do as they dam well please..Anyone who gets in the way,will be tossed out..Guillotine 3......That is how it has always been..That is how it will remain...........Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • SirNose586

    They don't have anyone creative up there to make up noolite ().

    Maybe they can make some noise over 2014? You know they don't want to stop setting dates!

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