Reverse witnessing!

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  • jacethespace

    Since leaving the watchtower and getting out from under its mind control my life has started to take off better than ever before.

    Ive got a great job im happy with

    Started dating normal people again

    And i just have more time to take intrest in family and freinds and other things in life.

    Which is why my best revenge is to show how happy i am to my ex congregation members whenever i see them.I like to see what there reaction is.

    Today i was travelling home from work and was in the greatest mood ever so when i saw one of my ex congs associates- Mel it made my day.

    She came and waited for the bus in the queue at first she seemed to avoid looking at me even when i waved at her she looked away so i was determind to wait for her in the queue.

    So i was like "Hi MEL "

    Mel- Oh hello jason i didnt see you there [yeah whatever] long time no see how are you?

    Me "Im great thanks couldnt be better"

    Mel- just coming from work?

    Me- Yeah.

    The whole time she appeared uneasy about our meeting

    After wards i thought that sort of attitude gives a reverse witness.Winning them over without a word in a way a silent witness.

    She will go home thinking " I thought everyone that leaves watchtower land is unhappy and troubled by demonzz.

    Have you got any experiences of run ins with ex associates?

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Had one just the other day! Made like nothing's changed...I friendly, he friendly, talked about everything under the sun, except the Witlesses - no problem! Just talked like two friends normally would...maybe mentally he's out already as well...too bad you can't exactly ask that straight out or I might have! None of the 'where you been', 'when you coming back to the hall?', 'we miss you' or the 'end is so near, I can smell it!' stuff....absolutely REFRESHING! Maybe he's no longer going either.... I wouldn't even know....

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I'm sorry but "reverse Witnessing" make me mum went "reverse Witnessing" with a car onto the pavement and could have hurt someone!

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    witness 007:

    That's why they're called 'run ins'

  • feenx

    I've noticed that if it's a friend of mine that I had they're all really happy to see me. Hell I had one that was practically shamelessly flirting with me as my GF was laying in the oral surgeon's chair! Another friend I ran into was really receptive, we literally "hugged it out" lol. BUT the elders you run into, oh man! I was with my GF at the time in the post office and he was a couple people ahead of us in line. He looked SO pissed, like he was personally wronged somehow by my even being there. It was sad and hilarious at the same time.

    Indigo Insight

  • WTWizard

    There is no need to pretend to be happy when you are not. Just remember that it also goes for inside the Kingdumb Hell--it is always worse while you are in than while you are out.

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    I agree. We need to make a GOOD name for apostates.. so they cant say "see! you go crazy when you leave the truth!!"

    I love having a nice NORMAL conversation, and showing them EVERYTHING IS GOOD!!

    i wasn't smart enough to know about this when i was reading COC, i kinda freaked on my friends.. but now a little time has passed and i can show them it's ALL GOOD... maybe they should follow?

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