Not actually using the Bible at the WT study

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    Has anyone else noticed the trend for the R&F to use printed sheets with each de-contextualized verse for each WT paragraph printed on it? I've noticed in several congregations that many of the R&F - including the shepherds - don't even have their Bible opened during the WT study and do not refer to it. There are a few obvious issues with this; any interested persons in attendance at the meeting will quickly see that the JWs do not rely heavily on the Bible - they just have little verses printed out at home. The other, bigger issue is that the JWs can't check the context of the verses the WT cites. So it's easier for them to drink down the milk being served without even touching the solid food of the Bible. Also, notice how in the study edition of the WT that many paragraphs cite one or two words from a verse, putting those words in parenthesis, often taking, not just the verse, but those one or two words out of context! That paragraph then becomes 'Bible-based'. ---------- What have you guys noticed at the WT study?

  • yknot


    I used to do that for me & my kids.

    Everything in one folder so I didn't have to schleped all the books and mags....just 3 simple folders (2 with kiddie activities in the back).

  • WTWizard

    They do that so you cannot read the whole scripture. They are afraid that someone is going to find a scripture that blatantly contradicts the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger and the washtowel they put out. Notably, only when Gestapo tells you to read a scripture or group of scriptures (out of context) do they actually do it.

    And I have noticed that they use the Washtowels more instead of the Bible to read the #2 talks.

    I wonder when it is going to be a houndable offense to actually have a Bible open during the boasting session, and they will provide a list of approved scriptures for each lesson (again, out of context). Let alone, having one open to a scripture not in the lesson.

  • blondie

    Actually the WTS has addressed those scripture lists and has forced off those websites that provided them. Apparently, some of the rank and file are not "obedient" to the FDS. But some persist.

    *** km 9/95 p. 6 par. 8 Maintaining a Balanced View of Computer Technology ***What about the distribution of computer printouts of scriptures used in the Watchtower Study or in the Congregation Book Study? Well, it may be preferable for publishers to make their individual notes and markings right in the Bible and the publications being studied. At the meeting, use of computer printouts of Scripture texts that are cited in the publications could discourage use of the Bible itself in finding scriptures. Yet looking up Scripture texts during a Bible study or at a congregation meeting is part of the training received, equipping us for effective use of the Bible in the field ministry. In most instances, and especially with longer quotations, reading directly from the Bible is more effective, particularly when the audience is encouraged to follow along in the Bible.

  • lancelink

    several years ago this was the popular thing to do at my hall.

    One elder who would attack anyone who did not agree 100% with his opinions really
    started to print out the bible verses for every meeting. And he was so proud and pompous
    about what he was doing also.

    Well, one day after the WT study I approached him while he was spouting his opinions to a group,
    I looked at all his printouts that were being passed around and I said to him
    " so,from what version of the bible are all these printouts from?"

    From the next meeting on, I never saw another printout from this guy.

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