Is anyone working on a book?

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was looking through some old threads and noticed that Barbara Anderson was in the process of writing a book last year. Has she had it published yet?

    Is anyone else working on any books? I'm not so much talking about personal stories, more exposes!

    I also noticed some comments last year from Mr Flipper on further child abuse cases. Is there any news on those?


  • Outaservice

    Yes, the title will be...............


    I don't know if there is a market for it or not?


  • nicolaou

    Yes, but it isn't JW specific.

  • snowbird
    Yes, but it isn't JW specific.

    Same here; mine's about growing up a sharecropper's daughter in the midst of the Civil Rights struggle.


  • RR

    Yep, I'm putting together "Daughters of the Tower", a history of ALL the offshoots and splinter groups of the Watchtower Society. So far 800 pages.


  • Terry

    I finished writing a memoir about my prison years as a Jehovah's Witness in 1967-69 back in November. I had decided to make it a work of fiction rather than a first person remembrance. Guess what? My hardrive crashed. I only had snippets here and there that had been saved.


    I've been rewriting the book in first person and dropping the fictionalized aspect to it.

    It has evolved into a timeline experience which takes my True Believer mentality and follows through into a gradual dawning awareness over the next nine years into a disfellowshipped ex-JW and eventual "apostate'.

    What is different about my book is that it does not start out at odds with Jehovah's Witnesses. Any current and active JW would find the first part of the book perfectly compatible with their beliefs. However, as events transpire and various conflicting reproofs assail my absolute truth attitude begins to erode the path to a Eureka! crossroads---the active JW will feel what it felt like to be faced with falsified "truth".

    The catalyst for the book is the march to 1975 and all the ballyhoo and cheerleading by the Watchtower society. As the date nears and the hubub becomes hysteria unmitigated by reality the doomsday clock strikes the death knell and faith meets reality.

    As a first person account it avoids the didactic and dry rehash of doctrinaire comparisons apologetic rebuttals.

    The title of the book (so far) remains "I WEPT BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON".

    My target date is this November.

  • Indo_Dude

    My life adventure is really suited more for a mini-series or after school TV special. LOL

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