I fulfilled my most recent Theocratic goals!!!

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  • tooktheredpill

    Guys: I fulfilled my most recent Theocratic goals:

    1) Reached 200 posts in JWD!! (This one!)

    2) Met Ray Franz and Cynthia during this weekend!

    I'll give you more details soon!


  • oompa

    AWESOME pill!......I like an acheiver.....it is so smart to keep the bar nice and low.....lol.............oompa

  • tooktheredpill

    HA HA HA HA!!!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I'm anxious to hear about Ray and Cynthia.

  • WTWizard

    And I fulfilled three full years with zero boasting session attendance or field circus this past June.

  • outofthebox

    Yes. Tell us more about the trip :)

  • Hope4Others

    Gee you sure had me curious....tee hee hee

    So....congratulations fireworks....And tell me more....


  • tooktheredpill


    I met Ray and Cynthia during the weekend!

    I went to their home with my wife. I needed to meet them in person, in order to have a real picture of them. Let me tell you: We were impressed. They are very humble people!

    Every question I asked Ray, he answered it using the bible. I didn't noticed any bitterness towards the WT.

    Ray is walking very slowly because of his age. (He's 86 years old right now). Cynthia is having a catheterization procedure today. I'll try to contact them during this week, to see how she's doing. But both of them were in a very good mood. They looked happy.

    Both are great human beings. We shared some stories, and Ray even showed us a very very old photo album!

    We spent about 3 hours with them, and Cynthia gave us cake, snacks, etc. We really enjoyed our time with them.

    God bless them both!


    PD: I will start another thread, because many people in the forum wants to know abouth them!

  • M.J.

    Congratulations. Ray's a great person, remarkable Christian, and a funny guy over the phone. I'm kicking myself for not meeting them while I had the opportunity. I was arranging a visit a few months ago, got the go-ahead from Ray but it didn't work out from my end.

    I hope/pray Cynthia gets through the procedure with no issues.

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