Zech 6: 1-7, mistake in NWT?

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  • wifekeepsmeinit

    So I was reading the Bible last Sunday, as I didnt find the Sunday talk interesting and found this interesting passage in Zechariah 6:1-7

    1 Then I raised my eyes again and saw; and, look! there were four chariots coming forth from between two mountains, and the mountains were copper mountains. 2 In the first chariot there were red horses; and in the second chariot, black horses. 3 And in the third chariot there were white horses; and in the fourth chariot, horses speckled, parti-colored.

    4 And I proceeded to answer and say to the angel who was speaking with me: “What are these, my lord?”

    5 So the angel answered and said to me: “These are the four spirits of the heavens that are going forth after having taken their station before the Lord of the whole earth. 6 As for the one in which the black horses are, they are going forth to the land of the north; and as for the white ones, they must go forth to behind the sea; and as for the speckled ones, they must go forth to the land of the south. 7 And as for the parti-colored ones, they must go forth and keep seeking [where] to go, in order to walk about in the earth.” Then he said: “Go, walk about in the earth.” And they began walking about in the earth.

    So in the passage in verse 1-3 it says there are 4 Chariots, each with its own horses, 1st Chariot Red, 2nd Black, 3rd White, 4th Chariot Speckled and Parti-Colored.

    Then in verses 5-7 it says the Black horses are going to the north, White ones behind the sea, Speckled to the South, Parti-colored to roam around.

    Well my question is what happened to the Red horse, and what is he doing. And the second question is why does it say in the NWT that the Parti-Colored horses are supposed to roam around when in the New King James version it doesnt say the Parti-Colored would roam around. Arent the Parti-Colored and Speckled ones supposed to stick to the same Chariot,

    Is this a mistake in the NWT?. I cant seem to find an answer to this, and it has been bugging me for about a week.

  • VM44

    I will try to find a Hebrew Interlinear Bible online. Perhaps an examination of the original Hebrew words might answer your questions.


  • oompa

    I think you have solved the entire riddle.........oompa....i want a party colored horse btw

  • wifekeepsmeinit

    Yeah I know.....pure curiosity....where else would I go to have such curiosity answered.

    I think its a valid question, strikes me as odd, as I thought the Horses and Chariots were supposed to stick together, as they do in the NKJV but not in the NWT.

    Why would it say there are 4 Horses when it clearly says there is 5, red, black, white, parit-colorled, specled.

  • booby

    You have picked a very complex scripture to analyze haven't you.


    check this link and maybe it will help

  • VM44

    I haven't the answer to the original question, but I did find this free Bible software tool that might be of use.


  • Narkissos

    Most likely the Hebrew text is corrupt and one line about the red horses going out to the East fell out accidentally from v. 6. Similarly the double qualification for the 4th chariot in v. 3 may result from an addition (the sense of which, btw, is dubious; 'amuççim might as well be translated as "strong" or "valiant," cf. v. 7).

  • wifekeepsmeinit

    Thanks very much VM44 for that E-Sword, looks like a great app.

    Thanks Narkissos for the commentary, I thought there was something wrong with the passage.

  • iceguy

    The New American Bible just says spotted horses. In verse 6 it says the black horses turned toward the land of the north and the red and white horse went after them. Spotted horses went towards the land of the south.

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