The three greatest teachings of Jesus…

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    The three greatest teachings of Jesus…

    Are all cancelled out by the practices and teaching of the FDS. Jesus gave three outstanding examples of what it is to be a follower of his and the actions and mindset that you should have, all three of these teachings or example's are diminished by the practices of JW's.

    First, The prodigal son, for most followers this is a beautiful example of unconditional forgiveness and love. The impetuous young son demands his inheritance and has the party of a lifetime. Finds himself in dire straits and realizes, OK I messed up. If my father just takes me back as a hired hand that will be better than the life I'm living now. So he humbles himself and goes to beg his father forgiveness. Before he can even ask for forgiveness, in fact while he is still a ways off, his father see's him and demands that he be dressed in a fine robe and a sumptuous meal prepared. Of course his older brother is hating on him but the father explains his joy to have the lost son back no matter what he did.

    From this story most can gather that forgiveness is complete and instantaneous. Whatever wrongs someone may do, as long as they cease doing them and turn there course around there is no need for extreme penitence. In no way should a so called faithful person look down or think less of one who has sinned or done wrong in the past. Of course dubs do hold every thing that you have done in the past against you. There are several steps, rules, and procedures one must go thru to regain a favored status in there eye's.

    Second, the Good Samaritan. A man falls victim to robbers who leave him for dead. Three of his countrymen (read brother's or fellow worshipers) see his condition and avoid helping him. A Samaritan (read worldly person) comes by and see's his condition. Not only does this Samaritan help this man, he makes arrangements to see to his ultimate recovery from his injuries.

    As we all know the dubs idea or extent in helping there fellow man, involves pushing literature on them and converting them to their faith. Now to make a convert some dubs will go out of their way to help a bible student. But just for the sake of doing what’s right they rationalize away the real meaning of Jesus’ words. While out of one corner of their mouths the espouse love of people as their main calling, in practice nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Even among there own ranks there is divisions and dis-unity. Dubs will help someone as the absolute last resort or if forced or coerced. True love does not come natural for dubs there are steps and criteria to be met to be consider in the brotherhood. I mentioned all of these examples as they relate to dubs interaction with each other. When it comes to those outside of the BORG, worldly people are considered fodder for the dubs uses. A means to count time or use for the benefit of the dubs.

    Finally on this subject, the future. The Good Samaritan made arrangement to continue to care for the man left for dead. It would have been easy for him to have called the police and got help for the man and left it at that. But, he went above and beyond that measure. He placed the man on his horse and got him to an inn and cleaned his wounds. He gave the inn-keeper money to continue his care till he returned. Future security is something dubs have no concept of, there own or that of their kids.

    Due to their end of the world, Armageddon is coming tomorrow beliefs, dubs do not prepare for the future. They prepare for a future in the new world, but as for the here and now, nothing. They don’t have a plan for their kids, outside of encouraging them to pioneer and not go to college, and worse they don’t have a plan for themselves. How many dubs are now in their old age living below the poverty line? People who worked and struggled their whole lives and have nothing to show for it. When the fund managers came around and offered info on company 401k program or IRA’s, what is the dubs first thought? I don’t need this Armageddon is coming gimme my money now.

    Last and greatest among Jesus teaching, the golden rule. Simply put do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple, effective and crosses all barriers. Again the WT unwritten rules and procedures negate this command. They are taught and led to believe, that if one does not believe and worship as they do, such a scripture does not apply to them. Now this is the key to the whole structure of the dubs as an organization. The words taught by Jesus and the bible on a whole are meant to be applied to all people, regardless of race religion or creed. Except to Dubs. They feel in their ‘holy chosen by God’ status that the words of Jesus are only meant to be applied to fellow worshipers.
    Worldly people are not fit for them to show the love and compassion that Jesus told his disciples to have for all people. Once again this is of a two-faced nature. Out of one corner of their mouth they talk about how important it is to have love for fellow man, but carefully buried in their teachings is the opposite.

    To insulate themselves from being ‘corrupted by worldly influences, They have subtle nuances and addendums to Christ words. When asked about giving to the poor and other charitable organizations they point to jesus words of ‘you will have the poor with you always’. Than they use circular logic to show that means the only hope for the poor, is to preach the good news(peddling their lit.)

    Jesus said you should forgive others freely. The dubs place restrictions and parameters on their forgiveness. Jesus said to care for those you see in need, while the dubs intone that this refers to those in the faith. Jesus said to treat others in the way you want to be treated, again the dubs water this statement down. By their own rules and checklist for righteousness, they have a qualifying program of who deserves this treatment.

    Looking back…damn this a long post.
    Frosty stuck at work on the 4th.
    Happy fireworks.

  • Casper
    1. The prodigal son. 2. The Good Samaritan. 3. The golden rule.

    Wow, Darth....

    Super good post...

    Thanks for sharing ...


  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    Excellent! The JWs aren't Christian because they follow the FDS instead of Jesus. Soon they'll probably release "new light" instructing all JWs to pray to Jehovah through them and it'll be considered apostacy to speak of Jesus. After all, they are the ones representing Jehovah, donchaknow!

    The Dubs don't even realize it, but they're all idolators. They're about 2 steps away from actually worshiping the FDS.

  • yknot

    Nailed it !

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    ...we ask you these things in the name of the faithful and discreet slave, Amen...

  • avishai

    The second point is even more powerful when you realize that the Jews and Samaritans considered one another "Apostates".

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Wow! Thanks for your responese, glad you enjoyed it.

  • oompa

    Glad you are at work...with time on your hand....and thinking....and posting. I have a kinda dub friend....he has not been going to meetings for three years, but still thinks it is the guilt must eat him up.....i will make sure he sees this........thanks.........oompa

  • MochaLatte

    Great post! I've thought of these things but couldn't have said it so clearly. When I was a JW the thing I found the most comfort in was the Greatest Man book. The teachings and illustrations of Jesus are so simple and reflective of God's love. I came to see that God was not harsh, demanding and unreasonable in his requirements; however, the organization certainly was unreasonable and demanding. Studying about Jesus's teachings gave me hope, and caused me to doubt and eventually discard the attitude of JWs.

  • carla

    Nice post! A question about the prodigal son, wouldn't a jw say that the father only welcomed him back because he no longer was 'sinning'? Of course we really don't know if he did or didn't after he came back do we?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty
    wouldn't a jw say that the father only welcomed him back because he no longer was 'sinning'?

    Yes, thats why he accepted him. The key is, that was all that was necesary. Dubs want you to stop sinning, come to the meeting for 6 months, sitting in your shame at the back of the hall, than write a letter saying how sorry you are and that you will like them to consider re-instating you. That is some Bull-CaCa. The father immediately welcomed his son back into his life.

    By placing extra measures and requirements on penitence, the dubs have eliminated Christ vision and supplanted it with their own. The only requirment that Jesus laid out to be forgiven of your sins, was to stop doing them. The way of true christainity, at its base level, is very pure and Idealic. Over the course of centuries and a millenia, religions have added on there own rules. When you burn away these added rules and regulations, what you are left with is the pure and simply version that christ left for us.

    I believe that it is human nature to take a belief and rationalize and make it your own. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with this. But, when you try to force your incorporated beliefs on others thats where it begans to be watered down and erodes the real meaning of christ teachings.

  • uninformed


    Good post, I have saved it to a word doc.


  • Lieu

    "Great post! I've thought of these things but couldn't have said it so clearly. When I was a JW the thing I found the most comfort in was the Greatest Man book. The teachings and illustrations of Jesus are so simple and reflective of God's love. I came to see that God was not harsh, demanding and unreasonable in his requirements; however, the organization certainly was unreasonable and demanding. Studying about Jesus's teachings gave me hope, and caused me to doubt and eventually discard the attitude of JWs. "

    Wow!! Weird, for some odd reason I loved that book. :) It was the first one (for adults) that actually talked about Jesus and was well-written. I was shocked!! I also got one of the strangest yet peaceful feelings in my life after reading it.

  • Lieu

    I have concluded from this topic that my lost brothers and sisters are followers of Paul. Think about it, they talk up Paul so much you'd think he was the Messiah.

    The only thing mentioned about Jesus is the Memorial and sheeps and goats. That's it.

    Nothing about the fishes and bread for the hungry crowd listening to the Sermon, nothing about helping strangers in a real and physical way, nothing about the prodigal son's silliness and the happiness (despite the silliness) of his pop on his return.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Lieu-I agree with you on both points. The greatest man book was a real boon to lure in people to the witness cause. They struck gold on that series, I wonder how long it took them to realize its value. At first it started out as a series of articles in the WT, Than the complete series came out in book form. They strung that series out over a good ten+ year period. I think they went over it at the BS 3 times.

    As far as them worshiping paul, your right. I believe that despite his enlightenment that happened on the road to damascus, paul still felt a need to hold on to the hard core rules of judism. On the flip side one thing about paul he was quick to amend a wrong.

    I love the account that the dubs point out to justify DF'ing. The story of the man knocking off his step-mom and the whole congo knew. Paul came down hard on him and said the congo should have nothing to do with him. Within six months of sending out that letter, the congo had another one in their hands telling them to disregard what he had said earlier and to accept the guy back into the fold, saying he had repented and suffered enough.

    Now think about this. There is a time difference of six months between 1 cor and 2 cor. 6 months!!! We're talking about 1st century mail here. In six months time paul coined the first letter and sent it out, got feedback and tales of repentence on part of the sinner (oh I forgot to mention that his heavy handed sentence was causing divisions in the congo because many felt it was too harsh a punishment.) So hearing about the commotion and anguish his words were causing...paul retracted his statement. He said to accept him back so as not to have division in the congo that satan can take advantage of. So for the betterment of the congo paul in 2 books or letters started the practice of disfellowshiping and did away with it. Pity the dubs dont look closer to the real end results of this practice.

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    Amen, brother.


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    Great one Darth.


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    darth frosty

    End of era bump

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    Eyes Open


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