Stalking when you have left them..

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  • Blueblades

    I just received an e-mail from a close friend who told me that two brothers from my old congregation are trying to locate me since I moved out of state and away from the congregation.

    He tells me that they are phone and computer savvy. One person knows how to use the phone system and can find any persons phone number private or otherwise. The other is computer savvy and can use it to locate anyone from his computer.

    Is this a form of stalking? What if anything can I do about it legally?

    Has this happened to you when you left the congregation and moved away?

    I have had no contact with any one from my old congregation since 2005.

    If and when the time comes if I am contacted without my consent, I will handled it. I have no fear nor am I worried about this. I just want to know if there is any legal way I can resort to if and when the time comes and I am contacted.

    By my writing this one topic I may have revealed myself, if they are lurking here. Again I will handled this my way and with your help and advice.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  • garybuss

    The Witness stalked me when I was a Witness. I didn't complain for quite a while since the dumb bastards were watching my car when I slept. At first I was pissed but I quickly realized they were a sort of free car security service.

    The idiots showed up one at a time, so I made a game of giving them the slip. I'd sneak out the back door and walk to work so they'd sit and watch my car all night. Merlin Marvin and Lance Roberts from Vermillion and Yankton South Dakota. Two of Jehovah's finest . . . Hahahahaha

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    When they call, tell them thanks and you're not interested. What's so hard about that?


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    There must be a pattern of unwanted following/contacting you over a period of time before it is courtworthy. Take notes of where, when, and how you are followed/contacted. Be sure to make it clear to them that you don't want them doing this, if possible and won't cause you harm.

    Use those notes to get a Protection From Abuse (PFA) or some such thing to make it illegal for them to contact you. It's just paper, but if these guys are JWs, they won't want to deal with the court system and bring the cong. into it. You will be left alone.

  • Blueblades

    Thanks you all for responding. I received one pm and received some good information also. I'll check back in the morning, bedtime now.


  • johnny1980

    they are just b/s'ing you.... dont' pay any attention. I bet they would think twice about their words if you threatened a protective order! You know, they think the world is about them and what they aka "god" thinks... Well the courts think differently... Change your # and ask them if they would like to witness bent over in jail!

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