NATIONAL DEFENSE DAY - Cause for disfellowshipping?

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  • EdenOne

    My son will soon be summoned to attend the "National Defense Day".

    In my country, military service has become voluntary, but all young men and women around the age of 18/19 must attend a one-day session in a military recruitment centre, where the military will basically run a sales session trying to get them interested in the military career. They will watch the military routine, a parade to salute the flag (not sure they will have to participate in saluting the flag), sing the National Anthem (not sure it's mandatory to join in the singing), touch a few guns, learn about the current threats to national security, learn about the missions and branches of the military, etc. It's a one-day thing, but I know most active JW's ask to be excused from this event on grounds of conscientious objection.

    Although my son has no interest in the military career, he made up his mind to attend when summoned. I suspect that the congregation elders will use this as an excuse to hit on my family again. I would like to ask those still "in" if this constitutes cause for disfellowshipping these days. Thanks.


  • Kanon

    Now I would guess no it wouldn't be, seeing as he is not joining anything. He could argue his conscience required him to comply with Caesars laws.

    Probably be the same as country's that require people to register and vote.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    In the UK we are required by law to enrol for the Electoral Register, but we are not required to participate - yet!

    Therefore, I would apply the same principal in your son's case - he is simply acknowledging your government's requirement to attend a promotional event, but with no requirement to participate.

    To prepare for any Elder who may disagree with your son's reasoning, get evidence of the WTBTS's attendance and participation at the OSCE's conferences, and ask them to compare the two!

  • EdenOne

    I would argue with the letter that the HQ sent in response to inquiries regarding the Chilean flag in Kingdom Halls, that we must comply with "Ceaser's laws", since it's compulsory. I don't see a difference in the spirit in this case. But as we know, many Elders aren't known for being reasonable people, and, quite frankly, a couple of Elders in my congregation seem all too eager to disfellowship ME and will use any excuse to get to ME, even if that means using my son for that purpose.


  • Giordano

    So if I understand this correctly you have a Chilean flag in plain view in your Kingdom Hall?

    If so........ I would agree with you....... It's compulsory. As far as what he does when he attends is up to him. He's 18 or 19 and that means he can decide for himself. Screw those couple of Elders.

  • EdenOne

    I'm not from Chile, Giordano ;) But if the 'Chilean flag in Kingdom Hall' affair serves as an example, then one can argue that that attending the National Defense Day here follows the same criteria, i.e, it's demanded by "Caesar".


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