CNN The Hunt with John Walsh.. repeat on now John MacLean.. JW child molester.... Missing..

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  • arwen
    This is a repeat on CNN now. John MacLean a known child molester in the JW congregation. He is still on the run.
  • jwleaks
  • smiddy

    In this day and age ,it is hard to comprehend by me ,how he has avoided the law for as long as he has .

    What !! , He has police , FBI ,and Sheriffs on his tale for how many years ? And they still can`t find him ?

    Or has he been put in the too hard basket., worse still.... Do Victims of Child Sex Abuse Rate Lower On The Scale Of Most Wanted Crimes.? By law enforcement Agencies .In America ?


  • jwleaks

    Considering that the JW's knock on every door in the USA and Canada at least once every 4-6 months it's hard to believe they have never found him.

    Of course if a JW had actually found McLean they would have reported it to the elders, who would have reported it to the branch office, who would have reported it to the Watchtower legal department, who would have reported it to ... well no one, as per the instructions of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses because there are no mandatory reporting laws for child sex offenders on the US Marshall's Most Wanted List.

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