Standardized or United in Love ?

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  • TheFadingAlbatros

    One of the main trigger points who brought me to decide to officially separate myself from the JW very recenly sending my letter of dissociation was reached when I became fully aware that the is standardizing their flock with their repeated manipulations and new lights instead of uniting them with love.

    And once fully standardized according to the standards it is very difficult for a JW to have normal and human contact with "worldly" not standardized people.

    Thanks for reading and take care.

  • rmt1

    Hm, interesting. The phrase "united in love" in the hands of the cult could be taken to mean a gaussian distribution of like-minded persons that cluster around some median appreciation of what Jehovah's organization is doing on earth. Or, maybe like-minded persons who cluster around the median pace of Jehovah's celestial chariot and do not lag behind it nor run ahead of it. Statistical outliers can be clipped (sigma clipping) or disfellowshipped to preserve the narrative fiction / fictional narrative that Jehovah's people occupy the central two standard deviations and are therefore representative of what Jehovah wants.

    Relatedly, standardization of inputs, machinery and processes in an assembly line reduces overhead and improves economies of scale. A standardized cart-stander-by-person is replaceable, interchangeable, reprogrammable, re-excitable, re-distractable, re-deceivable, re-defraudable.

  • freemindfade
    Yes they can mold love into their own nonsense. Drowning the entire earth...act of love.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Just like the people of North Korea are united - united in fear!

    the is standardizing their flock with their repeated manipulations and new lights instead of uniting them with love.

    JW Zombies Kept Behind the WBT$ Fence............They`re Only Let Out for Field Service..

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  • GrreatTeacher

    rmt1, interesting visual. I can see the bell curve in my mind. Acceptable Witnesses are within 2 standard deviations of the mean. Outliers are axed.

    Fading albatross describes a situation in which a single data point becomes self-aware, of not only his position in the normal distribution, but also the entire distribution and the fate of the outliers.

    Those hugging the mean are the most indoctrinated and very easy to manipulate. These data points are not very self-aware. The farther you move away from the mean, the less indoctrinated and the more danger the Society sees. Those in the 3rd standard deviation tend to talk. That is a danger sign to the Society. Once you are an outlier, you are a problem. Cue the witch hunts and the loyalty question.

    The true sheep cluster together on the mean. As sheep do.

    Anyhow, fun idea, rmt1!

  • Finkelstein

    In reality the WTS. is standardizing the united stance of protecting the organization of which they hold power over and make a living from $$$. ...... and why wouldn't they since its god's chosen earthly organization.

    Essentially protecting the organization is in kind toward protecting yourself from your own destruction.

    This postulation indirectly supports the power and control of the leaders of this organization GB and past presidents.

    The WTS. had eventually involved into a man made pretentiously corrupt organization with a publishing house utilized by the top editorial writers.

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