I Have a Terminal Illness

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  • berrygerry

    First off, no, I don't have one.

    But, was researching, and this article "When a Loved One Leaves Jehovah" ( Sep 1, 2006, p. 17 ), has a box "Have You Left Jehovah."

    This box includes: "You cannot know if you will even be alive tomorrow. (Psalm 102:3; James 4:13, 14) One man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness said: “This illness caught me serving Jehovah full-time, with no skeletons in my closet. And that’s a good feeling to have right now.” Imagine, though, how he would have felt if his illness had caught him saying, “Someday, I will return to Jehovah!” If you have left Jehovah, now is the best time to return."

    If you learned of having a terminal illness, what would be going through your mind?

    (I'm a pioneer ??? , etc.)

  • Garrett

    I feel that the watchtower is the most powerful when someone is in a weak state of mind, usually after a tragedy.That's usually when they are able to recruit people. This article just proves my theory.

    If I had a terminal illness, I would probably do my best to make sure that my family would be cared for in my absence. If I left the organization of my own free will, I would not be returning to it, even if I was about to die.

  • hoser
    More fear mongering by an abusive entity. The watchtower claims ownership of our eternal destiny.
  • _Morpheus
    I get the level of contempt over a life wasted but the remark, in and of itself, isnt all that remarkable. A large number of church goers express sentiments like that. a nice woman I work with, main stream christian, had her husband die unexpectedly a few weeks ago. I expressed my sympathy and her self comforting words were "at least he was right with the lord". When faced with the loss of our life or someone we love its natural to gravitate towards that which comforts us
  • millie210

    Why have to bring up death to motivate a person to be in a religion?

    Why cant bringing up things such as hope and happiness and oneness with God and others be enough?

    "Think about dying!!!" Is such negative way to try to make people "do more" for the religion.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Fear is the most powerful motivator.

    I mean, here I am, truly a non-believer in this faith, and yet, for fear of what my life would be like without my husband, my parents, friends, relatives, I continue to comply; quite minimally, but comply nonetheless.

    It is awful in the mind and psyche. Pure mental torture.


  • Simon

    Religion is an opiate. It's been known for some time.

    "I hope god will resurrect me and I'll live forever in paradise" of course is an appealing thought but it doesn't mean there is a god or a paradise though.

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