The Witnesses have spoken. What kind of god is JEHOVAH?

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  • Terry

    Jehovah is represented as the Supreme Being.

    Jehovah is represented as the only true god who has been slandered.

    In the court of public opinion, Jehovah is represented by Witnesses who speak on his behalf.

    They have done so publicly, in print and in person in a vast door to door testimony.

    Who is this Jehovah---according to their witness in this public arena?

    JEHOVAH is a false god!

    How so?

    JEHOVAH (according to his own witnesses testimony) cannot predict when He himself will bring about Armageddon!!

    Wouldn't the real, true God know this?

    Jehovah must be false.

    But wait!!

    There is another possiblity.

    Jehovah's Witnesses may be the liars by misrepresenting their own erroneous predictions as coming from Jehovah.

    How can we test this assertion for truth?

    The best test of truth is that it matches reality.

    The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth would correspond exactly with times and events seen and understood by everybody everywhere as verifiable.

    A Lie would mislead, dissapoint and fail to correspond to what was predicted.

    The End Times door to door work has proved to be a lie. False predictions, erroneous statements, flip-flops and bold statements ALL IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH.

    The content of books, pamphlets, sermons, magazines and banners printed by Jehovah's Witnesses in JEHOVAH'S NAME reveal either:

    A. A false god

    B. Lying witnesses

    Which is it? Or, is it both?

    IF THE GOVERNING BODY really passes on from Jehovah what Jehovah really wants them to publish---Jehovah must be a liar!

    If the Governing Body is just making it all up and using the name of JEHOVAH to sell their fantasy theology without taking the blame for human errors---THEY DEFAME the true god whom they purport to represent.

    No other possibilities exist, do they?

    Either the Faithful and Discreet Slave are passing on the lies of a false god (who? Satan?) or they themselves are deliberately misleading the court of public opinion about their connection to the defendant, Jehovah.

    If they are cracking down on dissent within the Organization because they are liars, they identify themselves (by their own actions) as THE EVIL SLAVE!

    Who then, REALLY IS the faithful and discreet slave? If Jehovah's Witnesses are the Evil Slave.........then........???

    Perhaps Martin Luther had it right after all with his Sola Scriptura theory. All it takes is one person, one bible and God's grace for salvation.

    Maybe there is only need for one intermediary between god and man: Jesus, rather than two mediators (Governing Body, Jesus).

    What is your opinion and why?

  • SirNose586

    You know, I never understood how the churches had been dragging "Jehovah's name" through the mud for centuries if they never really used the name all that much...

    And yet here comes a group that proceeds to let kids die, break up families, and publish false dates for Armageddon for over one hundred years, all under the Jehovah banner.

    Makes you think...

  • Terry

    We seem to inhabit a cause and effect universe.

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses immune?

    They seem to feel they can cause the end of the world by simple declaration. They can't. They tried.

    They seem to feel they can cause opinion to become inspired direction directly from Christ's government. It has proved not to be so. Opinion has proved to be just that. No divine aspect to error has ever been a confirmation of inspiration.

    The Governing Body seems to feel it does not have to suffer the effect of the problems they have caused in defaming Jehovah and mistreating his servants by burdening them with a preaching work filled with falsehoods and misconceptions.

    The elders in the local congregations seem to feel the effects, however, of the dominion of lies caused by the Governing Body of Evil Slaves pretending to follow Jehovah's spirit. Jesus said his yoke was light. The elders are huffing and puffing like maltreated oxen.

    What kind of god would be privvy to such treatment of his faithful servants?

    A false god!

  • WTWizard

    It's some of both. The Washtowel Slaveholdery claims to follow the Bible, which they blatantly do not. And Jehovah is a huge-time value destroyer. Note the mayhem and needless problems He has created throughout the Old Testament, including our suffering, where none needed to exist.

  • Terry

    I've often thought that we get the god we deserve.

    The better the person you are, the nicer the god you worship.

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