1905 Features of the Plan Of God!--PDF (J. A. Bohnet)

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  • Atlantis

    1905 Features of the Plan Of God!--PDF (J. A. Bohnet) B=Bookmarked S=Searchable R=Reduced from 33-MB to 7-MB REF=Referenced with a 2nd copy for researchers in case the older documents contain a word or phrase with weak ink quality. Just scroll down to the reference section and find that same page to verify word or phrase. The old booklet did show a few marks from previous owner, but no harm to text. J. A. Bohnet Click the download link by the red arrow at the bottom of the next page. http://www.sendspace.com/file/gn1989 Tweety picture no.0309 Cheers! Atlantis!-

  • bereanbiblestudent

    Thanks great job.

    Funny how many items where published by high ranking members like Bohnet that you never here about from the Watchtower Society.

    Although they mention Where are the dead by John Edgar because of F.Franz experience of how he became a bible student

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