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  • Muney

    Sorry to bring up an old dead thread found here http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/152761/1.ashx

    Website: http://www.jehovahsjudgment.co.uk/watchtower-un-ngo/

    I was just wondering if anything that the guy located in the link has to say is true. I know it really doesn’t change much since ANY association with the UN is hypocritical. So are these "facts" he came up with, do they have any merit or is he just pulling things out of his ass? If his facts are true, then I did learn something about the UN scandal. I learnt that there are 2 different NGOs, The DPI and the ECOSOC,both with different requirements to join. Any truth to what he says?

  • Honesty

    If I'm not mistaken, that website is the child of 3rd witness.

    He is gaining a reputation as an apostate among JW's:


  • S3RAPH1M

    It's crystal clear the watchtower has double standards in getting involved with the U.N but not liking when the friends join the "Y" to use the facilities. Hypocrites.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    I think we have been lied to regarding the WTBTS articles about the UN. I always thought there was something wrong with the rumors and did not by into the UN scandel much. So big deal the WTBTS wrote article about the UN! and they are a NGO! Not enough reason to walk away from the oganization!

    At least this site you found, the guy put enough information together to explain the facts. He gathered his information and explained it well enough to expose the lies about the UN theories!

    Who started this rumor anyhow?

    You might be a newbie, I hope you realize that some of the people on here believe the whole theory! Do you understand that you help expose the lies by posting this thread?

    I hope you are aware that there so many other things about the WTBTS that are strange and worth exposure that are honest. Now, the truth comes out that someone who is a liar manipulates facts regarding WTBTS articles on the UN. For some people that was an important fact regarding the Jehovahs Witnesses and some might have walked away because of this con artist ability to manipulate a large number of people!

    There are many exjws who do research and they are not like this guy! Most people want you to know the true facts and not manipulate facts with lies! Even some of these people who write books about the Jehovah's Witness are not telling the entire truth! They seem to have a slant on the truths! or it like they are writing for non JWs. Well that how books make money and people become known!

    I hope you do research to find facts! The only way you are going to find the truth is to read and do your own research. Do not believe everything bad about the WTBTS as truths! some of it is just hipe and this one is proof!

    Thanks for posting that thread, and yes I do believe the guy exposed the liar because his facts are clear and the WTBTS was not in the wrong regarding the United Nations!

  • JWdaughter

    Third Witness is a crackpot nut, imo. I believe he is the next 'Stafford' and is trying to get a following. He shows you the things he wants you to see and asks the questions he wants to answer (and twist). I think he is as big an 'apostate' as JWs would consider Danny Haszard to be, and if you read enough of his writings, you will see why. I have examined several of his sites, and I observe how he works in forums too. He is disingenuous and condescending. Worse, he is just plain wrong.

  • Kenneson


    Why don't you and 3d Witness start a campaign to get the Society re-associated with the DPI/UN? I'm sure that 3d's essay has convinced them that they should have never broken off their relationship in the first place. LOL

  • heathen

    Oh common sarah , they were in the wrong obviously . Even that site mentioned how a DPI NGO would have to give information about the UN , now the WTBTS condemns the UN as satans organization in opposition to jehovah , so what kind of info are they going to give out about the UN? Obviously the information that opposes the organization .DUH!

  • yknot

    Third has been known to be caught in 'half-truths"..... Like the Amy B's case, he proudly in bold face declares the dismissal of her case against the WTS (NY/PA) but fails to mention that before Love merged this case with Napa's the case against the Elders of the Amarillo KH was not dismissed nor set to be dismissed. To Third the local KHs and Elders are not part of the WTS, yet we as JWs and Ex-JWs know differently. The Elders did receive a letter from the other KH that the he was a confessed pedophile. This is also the case where WTS lawyers argued the ELders have no fiduciary responsibilities (notably absent from Thirds comments about the Amy B case)

    Here take a look at his arguement...it is nicely presented but.... http://www.thirdwitness.com/childabuse/AmyB.html

    Fiduciary Responsibilit... http://www.e-watchman.com/commentaries/do-watchtower-elders-have-a-fiduciary-responsibility.html

    Of course we all know what happened in Napa, the case was settled not long after the Judge hinted he would allow supoenas for the WT database of KH sex offenders. Barbara Anderson when requesting information was accidently sent some of the settlement financial agreement and informed the media. You can read what Barbara has said on this forum by looking at her topics & posts


    Again his site is nicely presented but scratch the surface a little harder with your own research and you will find half truths and a lot of white wash.

  • avengers
    the WTBTS was not in the wrong regarding the United Nations!

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