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  • Mary

    Does anyone know if there is any written evidence that the brothers in Mexico were allowed to bribe the authorities for a military card? I know this was brought out in CoC, but I can't remember off-hand if there was anything in writing from the Society saying that this practice was okay.

    Are there any posters on here that lived in Mexico at that time who could shed any light on the subject?

  • isaacaustin

    I think Ray had letters in his book from the WT saying it was up to the person- not sure though

  • boyzone

    Yes Ray shows official WT letters saying its ok to do this. THe bro's in Mexico even asked in the light of the persecution in Malawi and the money paid made them in the First Reserves of the army, is the bribing still ok. The GB says yes, carry on as normal.

    CofC page 153, 158

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    As a JW teen I remember the possibility of a draft looming somewhat large in my anxiety closet. As a result, I asked a few JWs visiting from Mexico about how they handled the draft issue down there. They all got quiet and didn't really say much. Later on, one of their fluent english-speaking JW relatives confirmed what Ray Franz described in COC.

    My black-and-white-justice teen brain went apesh*t and I asked my elder Dad about it. He pulled out the "Theocratic Warfare" card. I could understand lying to the Nazis, but this bribing Mexican officials to beat the draft didn't quite smell right to me. I knew American JWs had gone to prison and this didn't seem fair. But there was one piece of the puzzle that I couldn't seem to think of.



    Thanks Ray.


  • blondie

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