NGTV: Inside a Cult - TONIGHT 9pm ET

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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Tonight, on National Geographic TV, they will be profiling a sect that was in the news yesterday, when the self-proclaimed "Messiah' was arrested for sex charges against minors:

    NGTV had recorded a program about them before all this news broke. Should be interesting...

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Did anybody else see this?

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I saw it and thought it was interesting. Kind of hard to imagine a witness watching this show and not seeing some similarity with themselves. I especially liked the part where the reporter asked if they were sometimes called brainwashed. I bet you know what the answer was as it was the exact same stupid answer that many, many, many witnesses would come back with. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and leave it at that.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Yes, that part: with the kids sitting on the bench with him, and them saying how much better their life is because they are out of the world, and how the rest of the world is just "wasting their life with meaningless things....

    Many parts that resonated as familiar. My JW-wife watched it with me... I wonder if any parts seemed eerily similar to her?

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