the new mark of the devil

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  • james220

    i heard last night, when I was watching TV, that some archaeologists in Egypt discovered a ancient papyrus, with one on the original copies of revelation written on it, and I think most people have heard of the mark of the wild beast which revelation talks about, and the bible says it is 666, and this is the number which Jehovah’s witnesses and every other church around the earth has teached for thousands of years, but then the archaeologists translated the papyrus, they found that it said the mark of the wild beast it 616, and not might think it is not that big of a deal but if you think that Jehovah’s witnesses say that they are the one true religion and that Jehovah talks to the faithful and discrete salve, so you would think that they would have said that it was 616, but it has not come out from them, also they mention a lot of the names in the bible which people say did not exist, and then when archaeologists find items with them on the make a big fuss about it, but I don’t think this is something they will make a fuss about, think they will let it pass other them and not mention it.

  • loosie

    Damn! and I was playing 6 6 6 for the pick three lottery. Now I will have to change my play to 6 1 6.

  • dinah

    Where do I line up to get my mark???

  • bigmouth

    Thanks James. Now my advice is; don't believe anything you see on those thirty minute documentaries on T.V. Wait until it's posted on the internet somewhere and then you can be certain it's legit. Cheers, Pete ;)

  • Bring_the_Light

    Just some Apostate literature from Egypt....

  • MissingLink

    They'll fight this one because their numerology claims are important to them. 6=evil 3=extreme So three sixes means something to them. It'll take some awesome new light (fighting between GB members) to come up with a good meaning for 616.

  • Jim_TX

    They will use the same 'logic' as they do when confronted with the name 'Jehovah' being wrong.

    It's not the exact number that's important (666 vs. 616), it's the concept of the 'mark of the devil'.

    I just wonder if they use the number 666 in any of their 'day for a year' calculations. This might put things off a tad, eh?


    Jim TX

  • winnower

    Population Clocks
    U.S. 304,034,996 World 6,666,352,795

    15:51 GMT (EST+5) May 08, 2008
  • Quirky1

    Are you talking about me?

  • Rapunzel

    It reminds me of an old joke - Two monks are intently re-reading a translation of an ancient manuscript. One monks says to the other: "By God's wounds, the text doesn't say celibate; it says celebrate!!!

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