"Lost Sheep" Campaign?

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  • hamsterbait

    One of Metatron's threads had the suggestion that around 2009, the Witchtower will try to reverse its losses by going after inactive ones. LOST SHEEP.

    What I will laugh at if this happens, is that the Gibbering Buddy has already said that one is not judged as a SHEEP until Armageddy. So how can you be a "lost sheeple" - it is as nonsensical as saying that somebody is a "lost goat".

    I can imagine dire threats. DF etc, if you don't rebecome a sheeple and start doing field circus FOR THE RIGHT MOTIVE (and by that don't imagine they mean Lurve of jehoobie their stone age death god).

    What will they say when I turn round and say "Sorry Fellas, I just don't WANT what's on offer right now."


    "rebecome" a sheeple - that's soo theocrappic - like "happify"

  • WTWizard

    They can threaten and hound all they want. All they are going to get is a recording on my answering machine, and an unanswered door. They can send mail, but it will end up in the shredder. Certified mail will not be received from the witlesses (what a waste of postage that will be). Since they don't know I even have a computer, they can't send me any spams.

    However, what I am afraid of is that they will gang up and physically haul my axx into the Kingdumb Hell. From there, I will be stuck living with the family that brought me into the cancer in the first place or one of his brothers. I will be incorporated into that family. I will be forced to pioneer for as long as they see fit, and tortured to believe what they say through brainwashing campaigns. I am embarrassed just thinking of the part at the Grand Boasting Session, reading a card telling 5,000 people (and the newspaper) how wonderful Jehovah was keeping me away from sex, so He could use me this way. Ultimately, I sense strongly that I have a place with my name in the Value Destroyer Training School, a billion assignments simultaneously, and a place in the Ostracism Wasteland for starting the Second Dark Ages. That is what I am afraid of, not the just threats and houndings.

  • Alpaca


    I don't what your BORG experience history is, but back in the '80s there was a similar effort to contact and reactivate baptized publishers who were MIA. It was a pretty big effort in the congregation I attended -- there were lists and lists of names compiled from old congregation records, personal knowledge of publishers, etc. The elders were assigned names to follow up on and they exhausted all of the possibilities to contact the MIAs.

    So, I don't think that it is such a far fetched prediction. The difference is that the people who have faded now, have less of a stake in "end of the system" gibberish when it is so vague and ill defined.



  • TheListener

    If it's a money driven organization I think they'll get less cash from reactivated members than they would from new suckers in 1st world countries.

    They need to shift from 3rd world growth the 1st world growth - if they want to increase the cashflow. Money from the sale of buildings can only go so far.

  • civicsi00

    An elder who recently tried to get me to go back to the meetings asked me: "What would it take to get you to start going back to the meetings?"

    No joke, those were literally his words. They don't even care if you're learning anything new, they just want to see attendance numbers go UP.

    I'll be posting a thread about this encounter later...

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