JW fluff.. "Thriller" SoBe Commercial

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  • yknot

    I have small children and don't get to watch much "grown-up" TV. So tonight I was flipping through channels and saw a shorten version of this commercial.


    So why am I wasting a thread on this?

    The irony of the fact that both Michael and Naomi are screwed-up former JWkids.....

    Wonder if it was a fluke or an intentional inside joke...

  • Hortensia

    probably unintentional. The rest of the world doesn't focus on JWs like we do. I like that commercial, see it now and then. Too bad about the Jacksons and their family. I used to like Michael Jackson's music, still do, in fact, but it's hard to separate it from the kind of person he is.

  • loosie

    Who is the woman in that commercial?

  • yknot

    Her name is Naomi Campbell she is a supermodel.

    She as a black woman achieved many firsts within the fashion world.

    Her reputation for temper tantrums supercede her taste in wealthy men.

    She even got in trouble last month.....


  • Hope4Others

    Doesn't that just tick you off the way some of these super stars treat other people. Some act like spoiled brats.

    Isn't her mom is a witnesses and she was raised as one?


  • loosie

    Oh I thought that the female dancer in the commercial was one of the pussycat dolls. I'm not with it anymore.

  • zensim

    It is Naomi walking in - but that is definitely not her dancing!

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