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  • grahammaskill

    Hello, I am an ex-JW new to this site. I was wondering if there was anyone from Telford in Shropshire, or indeed in the county of Shropshire itself, that would like to drop me a line. I have been out of the religion for some years now but even now am having to deal with the emotional repercussions. It'd be great see if there is anyone that I can either connect with, or indeed some that maybe I once knew, that I could say hi to.

    Take care all,


  • besty

    Hi graham

    My wife Sam and I are in LA but were in London. Tell us a bit more about yourself and your exit....

    PS you might not get many replies tonight as most UK folks will be in bed...

  • digderidoo

    Hi Graham i live in Dudley.

    I lived in Albrighton for many years post my JW life and still go over there from time to time. I also go to Shifnal on the occasional night out.

    Welcome to the site you will find lots of support here.



    Hello Graham,

    Welcome to the forum - we look forward to hearing more from you - Post a little more about yourself if possible. Did you come out of the JWs alone or with your family etc.

    We live in Herefordshire (UK) and left the Org. about 5 years ago, after 30+ years in the cult! Finding out about the UN Involvement was the turning point for us.

    KT and wife (twinkletoes)

  • Thirdson

    Hello Graham, I used to live fairly close to your area and knew some people in Telford. In the early 90s I was told by a CO that on his recent visit to a Telford cong that their entire territory was covered during the week of his visit. In fact he said they basically covered the territory every week. At the time I thought the local folks would be terribly annoyed to have JWs call every week. Was this ever the case? What is it like now?


  • eddie c
    eddie c

    Hi Graham,

    I live in Manchester and can assure you that there are many of us out here alive and thriving. Yes it can be hard to come to terms with life after the Watchtower and it takes time. Hope you are well.

    I have also met Twinkletoes and Kaytee...lovely people.


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