Advice for jw brother with no education

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  • Champion

    Hi all, always read sledom post...(don't feel I have much to offer)

    I spoke with my JW brother yesterday and he sounded so depressed. Was wondering if anyone could suggest anything.

    He is married, no kids ,50yrs old, no college, pretty smart. He has done the construction thing on Long Island NY for years, but never seems to be able to have enough work always just getting by. Does anyone know any programs or ideas on Long Island to get into to learn something new so he could be employed more regularly. I really think he should seek counseling, because as we all know here it's being a JW that is a the center of his issues...

    Thank you,


  • yknot

    Get educated......

    While I am unfamiliar with NY Labor Dept. many such state department have training opportunities.

    Also check out the

    Ask him what he plans for his retirement career....get him thinking

    Transitioning from one career to another is quite common for those in their 50's. It would be a good time for him to go back to school especially since construction has so many limitations unless you are a project manager or above. Adult education or re-education is booming!

    Check out the local area colleges for job-training, night courses, or online degree plans.

    If he balks because of the Society remind him a new career that has mobility or better pay can open a window to 'serve' Jehovah in areas that are not available to him now. If he balks because of age.....again this generation is having to re-educate, that is how the corporate package cookie crumbles in a world where corporate profits and CEO pay are the only game in town.

    Good Luck!

  • WTWizard

    It might be late to get an education to get a better paying job, but it is never too late to take courses just to learn. Which I recommend doing.

  • yknot

    Last year saw both of my parents (50's) back in college.

    My dad to modernize his skills, and keep him viable in petroluem

    My mom because she lost her job. My mom was previously in the business sector. Comparable jobs paid significantly less.

    She changed career paths from business to healthcare. She is now a RN and earning $16 more per hour then her previous job.

    Not only does she make more money but she actually has more time. She is a different person, a much happier one.

    BTW 9 of her cousins (50-60s) have also gone back to either improve or completely change career options through college.

  • chickpea

    can't be said any plainer.... find a program and get educated.....

    if he brings up his age as a roadblock..... point out that if it is a 2 yr program, he is still going to be 2 years older whether he has used the time for advancement or not....

    i am in a diploma program at 52..... it is engaging and keeps me thinking all the time.....

    as far as the depression ... YES get help!!! depression is anger without enthusiasm.... and anger can be a powerful source of energy to accomplish goals.... he needs to redirect his energy into productive activity

  • Champion

    Thanks for you all your comments. Believe or not I went on the Labor website and found two situations that would work for him. Hopefully he will follow through. Also I am trying to convince him to go to counseling. I said I would pay for it. I think that would be a good first step for him...Again thanks, I just posted out of frustration and yet it had a really good outcome


  • journey-on

    There is a lot of depression among Jehovah's Witnesses. This is documented and can be researched.

    I think a lot of the older JWs, especially those that have seen their own parents pass away in recent years,

    are awakening to the realization that they may also have to live out their lives in this old system. Their belief

    that the New World would be here by now is fading fast and some have not prepared properly for retirement

    by investing in retirement plans, buying life insurance when younger, setting money aside in IRAs, and in

    the case of contract workers or self-employed people, many have not paid in sufficiently to Social Security

    and are facing meager SS cks. or none at all upon retirement. Their mindset has always been that Jehovah

    will take care of everything at Armageddon and they will live forever in the promised New World.

    Reality is hitting them square in the face and many are facing their silver years with disappointment which turns to depression.

    You sound like a very loving brother to be reaching out to help him during this period of his life when he needs your love and support.

    That is true Christian love......human love any way you look at it.

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