Do Witnesses Generate or Aggravate De Novo Pedophilia?

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  • WTWizard

    We hear so much about pedophiles in the congregations of Jehovah's Witlesses. Much of it could be because they become pedophiles from all the abuse they suffer in the cult or because the cult attracts them from the field. All of which can be true.

    But there is an additional reason that pedophiles and gay people that otherwise wouldn't be that way appear in the witless religion. It's their marriage policies. We have seen how difficult it is to find a marriage partner. The "brothers" are all taken, leaving "sisters" who might be barely teenagers to think ahead and court older men. They are not allowed to look outside the cult for marriage partners, so it's either take what they can or do without.

    And they make it needlessly difficult to find suitable partners. When suitable partners are not available, it is very easy for normally straight men to become attracted to children or to other men. The longer the situation persists, the more likely they are to become attracted to something other than they were normally attracted to (and I am not talking naturally gay men either--that's usually biological in nature, and attempts to cure them are doomed).

    Here are some situations that lead to this condition:

    (1) Beth Hell. The genders are usually separated and discouraged from co-mingling, except at "free time". Of course, the schedules are so tight that this is next to impossible. And they need permission from the Lords at Beth Hell before they can co-mingle.

    (2) Rules at the a$$emblies. They make things needlessly difficult for people to meet the opposite sex, and they are usually assigned duties that separate them by congregation (which is getting more common, from what I have seen the last few).

    (3) All the talks, usually filtering down from the hounder-hounder-hounders and below, that discourage singles from seeking venues where the opposite sex is likely to be. Much of this has to do with the "Marry only in the Lord" doctrine. They tend to take it to the extreme, keeping "brothers" away from places where they might see someone of the opposite sex and then have the opportunity to meet them.

    (4) Loveless, stagnant marriages. It is very common for witlesses to be in marriages that were thrown together, usually two pioneers or one pioneer and a hounder. These tend to become stagnant, since people lack stimulation and all that holds them together is a stagnating misery (which we have been observing getting progressively dumbed down). It is extremely difficult to get them divorced with "scriptural" grounds, so they are stuck with each other.

    (5) Singles that are divorced, but not on "scriptural" grounds. They are absolutely not allowed to remarry, until and unless they can prove to Brother Hounder that one of them committed adultery.

    (6) Singles that are seeking, or have been set aside for, the Value Destroyer Training School. Such are not allowed to marry until after they have been through the system.

    (7) The congregations are purposely kept small enough to minimize opportunities for finding a suitable marriage partner.

    (8) Custom made rules at congregations that keep prospective partners apart. If Brother Hounder notices someone going to a different congregation regularly, he will inquire why and hound that person to go to his home congregation. That is presumably so they can keep track of them for hounding purposes, but it does serve to bust up opportunities to find a spouse in a nearby congregation.

    These, and more, situations limit the prospects for witlesses to find a proper mate. What commonly happens in this situation is that they will become attracted to the same sex, or to children. And, since the pressures are not relieved and the pedophiles are protected, usually it's only a matter of time before someone will start molesting children. I have noticed that the high percentage of pedophiles are men that are from Beth Hell, that are single and with no prospects, or trapped in marriages that have gone stagnant. I wonder how much of a factor this actually is, with the number of pedophiles that are already like that when they go in, or that develop that way from being born in. But I bet it is significant.

  • Babylon the Great Employee
    Babylon the Great Employee

    You make very good points. I would also argue that the misogyny of the teachings fosters pedophilia. Men are taught to be "entitled" to sexual favors, and when they perhaps don't get it from their wives, or "can't" get it because they are unmarried, they simply take it from young women (or men) who might be accessible to them but unlikely to disclose the information and/or be believed. It is a likely result from the entitlement complex.

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