"Society's" View on TV and Free Time

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Comment from Milton Henschel, IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, p. 232:

    "And what will the brothers do if we give them more free time?
    Probably use it in watching TV."

    Ray Franz's Response:

    "Whether they consciously think of it in this connection, the men in positions of leadership also know that the Watch Tower organization has produced a publishing empire of tremendous size, one that has taken decades to build up. That publishing system with its large, expensive branch offices and printeries and the impressive, multi-storied dwellings for those operating these, are a source of considerable pride and a frequently cited evidence of divine blessing and prosperity. Any diminishing of the pressure on Witnesses to engage in door-to-door activity with the publications flowing from that system could eventually cause that empire to crumble or require its being largely dismantled. I seriously believe that for many of those in the organizational leadership, the very idea of this is unthinkable."

  • Seeker4

    That's a new quote to me, but one that I appreciate your bringing to our attention. Coming from such an insider as Ray was, it verifies something many of us have wondered about - how concerned are the GB and upper echelon Bethelites with keeping the great publishing empire afloat.

    My close friend says that his sister and b-i-l, Bethelites for 30+ years, are concerned about being able to stay at Bethel and Bethel staying around long enough for their old age. Even if they see things that upset them, they don't say anything. They don't want to rock the gravy boat, so to speak.

    I wouldn't be surprised if, in the present economy, the WTS is feeling the pinch in contributions.

    It will be interesting to see it start to crumble, eh??!!


  • BluesBrother
    the WTS is feeling the pinch in contributions.

    Since we are sort of discussing the "Yippee its a free Tuesday!" arrangement. One point we came up with at home was the recollection that the Tuesday group was a good source of contributions. A lot seemed to have the habit of putting in their contributions at the group. I wonder if they will remember to do so at the Hall..

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Seeker, for your response. This came to my attention as
    I was reviewing a thread I had put up regarding Fred Franz's singular
    view of the door-to-door ministry. I marvel at the fact that two men so
    closely related - Fred Franz and Ray Franz - could be so different.

    I appreciate your insights, as always.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hello, Blues:

    Yours is the first comment mentioning contributions actually made
    at the private domicile level, i.e., the first that I recall seeing. We
    had a little box years ago at our in-home book study that did receive
    attention by well-intentioned, generous souls.



  • WTWizard

    Most people would just watch TV if they had more free time. And it's because the regulators and big companies have built up such a stagnant life that people do not wish to think. The TV then takes the job, and it is largely the drug companies that program what you see there (don't believe me? Then just turn on the TV to a regular show and notice the number of prescription drug ads, which pay for the programming, come on per hour).

    It all starts with our disjointed education system. The look-see method of reading learning does not work well, and they know it. So they stick with it, hoping to make learning a real chore. That will make people misbehave in school (and "need" a drug). It also keeps them from doing well in college, and makes them followers at work instead of leaders that threaten the existing leaders. And, such people are going to watch more TV, whether they are witlesses or not.

    I can think of other, non-TV activities that one can do. First, is to study something worthwhile (that is, either practical and/or entertaining). You might learn a musical instrument, or pick a hobby from the Asleep! and learn from as many independent sources as possible more about it. You could take up any hobby. Browsing the Internet is at least as educational as watching TV, and possibly much more. Walking can help with those poundages that you may need to lose. Gardening, bicycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities are interesting. You could also build a tree house, or something similar. Camping is also a good way to spend time without that TV. And there are infinitely many others.

    And, the big one--go back to college. I know learning is a chore, at least done their way. But it can lead to a higher paying job with more stimulation than washing windows and scrubbing toilets could. Even if it's just one course, you could get a better job and reduce the stagnation from extreme to normal.

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