Do you think an unofficial BS arrangement might pop up?

by 5go 3 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • 5go

    You people grouping together to study the WT books at first for the meetings.

    This is the reason I am still kind of leaning toward gas prices in the US as the real reason.

    The GB and WT are really blind as to seeing what people are really going to do with that free night.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes. I think we can expect to hear lots of counsel about the dangers of studying in groups independent of the congregation in the same way that small W/T groups were criticised some years back.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    In fact - in may be the trap they are setting. Give 'em the rope they need and hang 'em with it.


  • besty

    Unofficial group studies are already banned - Sep 2007 KM saw to that

    Thus, "the faithful and discreet slave" does not endorse any literature, meetings or websites that are not produced or organised under its oversight. Matt. 25:45-47

    Its our ball and you're not playing with it 'cos we said so.

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