Why do JW's have to use death as an excuse to preach?

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  • DT

    I came across this blog post about a pedestrian that was killed in an accident. It appears that she was a Jehovah's Witness. This wasn't mentioned in the article. It was mentioned in comment #18.


    It's amazing how quickly that comment goes from recalling fond memories to preaching about the Kingdom that will soon solve all our problems (by killing 99.9% of humanity). To me, this kind of exhibition seems to be disrespectful of the deceased. I realise that many JW's would probably approve of their death being used that way. I guess it's a sad commentary on how the kind of mind control they experienced.

    What are your thoughts on how death is often handled by JW's?

  • LovesDubs

    You ever attended a JW funeral? Honey....its a solid half hour of JW INFOMERCIAL!! Yeah they use it as an excuse even at a FUNERAL to preach AT the nonJWs in the place. All they do is use the FUNERAL TALK and stick the name of the deceased in there in the blanks.

    Its despicable!

  • VoidEater

    There really isn't much else they have in a positive vein - the whole thing revolves around how BAD the entire world is, so you better not touch it. Apocolyptic religions can only really talk about death and destruction.

    I've always been utterly disgusted by the JW funeral talk, and (as noted above) it's "infomercial" material. I simply don't go any more. I've heard the talk before, and nother is every said about the deceased's actual lives (oh, but we get it drilled into us that they had a future hope of a paradise Earth - gimme my lion!).

  • WTWizard

    Typical. If someone gets killed while out in field circus or on their way to a boasting session, that is a showcase example of dying faithful to Jehovah.

    Actually, this happens a lot. People die in persecution, and they are showcased as prime examples. People die because they wouldn't get a blood transfusion, and that is hailed as being faithful to Jehovah. People get sick and die because of hardships incurred in the missionary work, and it is hailed as being faithful. I remember having a pioneer die of a heart attack en route to getting ready for field circus, and it was hailed as being an example of faithfulness to Jehovah.

    Too bad such ones are ensuring that there will be no true fulfillment in life. They gave up much, only to have their lives wasted on the misery. And, in a major sense, everyone who is active in the cancer has to die in that they have to make sacrifices to some "higher cause", obey rules that impede satisfaction now, and put their thinking on hold. Those people are not doing their own thinking, they are not creating any value whatsoever, and they are initiating force, threat of force, and fraud on behalf of the Washtowel Slaveholdery. Effectively, such people are already half dead. Of course, that too is showcased (but not as much as when someone is all the way dead).

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