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    Recently, I just completed giving a coworker a dozen CDs of music I downloaded from Napster. (No, I will not mention names on this forum, and no the coworker was not a witless). The songs were "dirty" (as in, had I been a witless, most would be unacceptable), but mainstream (the dirtiest were left out as they did not go Top 40). It ended up costing me something like 6 hours in time and $175 in CDs and downloads (yes, they were legal downloads).

    Now, this random act of kindness might seem expensive, and a witless would have a stroke about this kind of money spent on "debasing" music for a person that "is only going to die". But, I put it in perspective with how much it costs to be a witless.

    In a normal week, I remember wasting around 8 hours on boasting sessions. And, going out in field circus twice a week, it wasted another 8 hours in that week. That is 16 hours a week, and that's before putting anything into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund (to the best of my knowledge, Napster does not support pedophiles). If I put a value of my time at $13.50 per hour, the 10 excess hours would have a money value of $135. On top of that, there is suit dry cleanings, costs for field circus supplies, "food", and the $1 each way charge for rides to and from the boasting sessions. The real price could easily exceed $200, and that is on a regular week.

    Now the benefits. In field circus, the 16 hours of time and the expenses got me nothing. It did not get me any closer to anyone I wanted to be closer to. All it did was expose me to more houndings for such things like having a white dress shirt, sliding on the ice, having the collar button done up in the hottest weather, and being presentable. (Note that I was not under such comfort sapping rules while I was downloading music and burning CDs from Napster.) It also put up a wall between me and the opposite sex, adding negative benefit. Of course, the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger (the ones to actually benefit) did not appreciate it.

    By giving a worldly "going to die anyway" person a dozen CDs of music, it helped me develop a friendship. It also firmly established that I am NOT a je-cockroach-jizz hovah's witless anymore. (As if the Christmas tree didn't already.) Some of the songs were from Eminem and 50 Cent (which were on the top of the pop chart during 2002-07). The Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery has come out and said that such music is not to be listened to or promoted, and I did it anyways.

    Additionally, I hope it will make an impression that Jehovah's Witlesses do not have a monopoly on unsolicited random acts of kindness. That will be enjoyable for several months or years--and likely long after the indoctrination as a witless would have soured (I am not supposed to care about those "worldly people who are only going to die" aside from getting them into the cancer. Hopefully, that will also make that person that much less likely to ever become a Jehovah's Witless in the future.

    Plus, this person was off the following day, and it rained that day. That meant that the opportunity cost of listening to probable recent favorites was at a minimum. Going out in field circus...

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