Speed limits and other traffic laws: Caesars things to Caesar?

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  • gaiagirl

    How conscientious have you observed JW's to be in regard to traffic laws? Do they obey them in the same manner they claim to obey Bible verses? Or do they ignore them for the most part, and try to get away with whatever they can?

    I knew of one elder who drove at higher than legal speeds regularly, and was involved in an accident in which his infant granddaughter was nearly killed.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Same as with other people - some stick to the limits and some don't.

    My P.O. was a rather sedate driver, unlike his son. :)

  • TheSilence

    My dad drives like a maniac. I remember one time in a meeting it was said that we should follow all laws except those that are against Jehovah's laws. The speaker specifically mentioned even speed limits. My dad still never followed them. I pointed it out to him once shortly thereafter... no comment, no change. ;)


  • undercover

    Most JWs that I knew followed the speed limits pretty close. I know that I was counseled a few times on not obeying Caesar's laws on speed limits (I was notoriously known for my love of speed and fast cars)

    Despite my disobeying speed limits, it was my observation that the average JW (not all, but the majority) couldn't drive worth spit...especially in field service. It didn't matter what traffic laws there were, JWs were a danger to themselves and anyone else around while driving in field service.

    For a while, I believed that the angels truly were directing the field service work because somehow I was never in an accident while riding in the service car despite the driver's every move resulting in near carnage. I spent many a Saturday morning cringing in the back seat waiting for the impact of the wreck.

    When I was a parking lot attendant at conventions, the drivers got so confused on how to leave a parking lot...it would have been funny had it not been so frustrating. They were just as bad coming in. They all played follow the leader instead of using all the available lanes to move traffic in off the main road.

    I contributed all the bad driving I saw to the fact that most JWs were so used to being told what to do and how to do it, that when they got behind the wheel, there was no spiritual direction on what to do therefore they were lost and made one bad decision after another wreaking traffic havoc whereever they went.

  • WTWizard

    I have seen the following traffic infractions performed regularly while out in field circus (and not stupid mistakes, either):

    (1) People driving at speeds of around 10 MPH, looking for a house number instead of paying attention to the road. This includes looking at territory maps and not at home slips while driving.

    (2) Talking on cell phones while driving.

    (3) Speeds in excess of 45 MPH in city streets, where the speed limit is only 30.

    (4) Speeds below 40 MPH on the expressway. The speed limit was 55, and there was nothing that could have prevented them from maintaining at least 40 MPH. The minimum speed on the expressways was 40, except with flashers going, in slow traffic, or in hazardous weather.

    (5) Illegal parking. Includes getting out of the car without checking for traffic on the traffic side.

    (6) No seat belts on. I have often been the one to "hound" about that, since wearing a seat belt is the law for front passengers. This also includes not having working seat belts in the rear.

    (7) Being generally reckless. I have seen a driver that would normally screech from 0 to about 30, including when it is not safe (for ice and snow).

    (8) Not clearing all the snow off the vehicle before driving. I have seen them out in field circus with snow still on the tops, and obscuring the lights on the vehicles.

    Notice that these were not simple mistakes (we all do stupid things at times). I have also heard the following counsel from the platform:

    "We know that the speed limit is 55. We like to drive at 65. So, let's compromise and do 60. No, we do not compromise. We do 55." Then, they are back doing 65 and 70 (and sometimes more) on the way back home.

    A couple of other things I have seen was a "brother" doing 80 on a 55. This didn't cause a problem until he hesitated to get off at the exit and would not just go straight through. We ended up on the grass, short of hitting the barrels at that exit. I "hounded" him that, if you are going to drive 80, you need to think ahead at 80. And I have seen this brother hit a "sister" in the foot with his tire, and not even apologize. That was out of the Kingdumb Hell parking lot.

    And that doesn't even include the DWIs and driving while extremely tired incidents that regularly go on among the witlesses.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Once back in the late 1980s we were driving home from San Francisco's Cow Palace DA when one for the younger bros zoomed passed megoing around 85-90mph. His wind actually shook my 1981 Impala. Then in like two seconds another brother came weaving between the cars and whizzed past me in hot pursuit of the other dickbrain.

    So, next meeting I asked the driver of the 2nd car what was going on that he was driving like such a JACKHOLE. He said he, "Couldn't believe that Frank T. Driving 90 MPH!! He wouldn't let me pass!!!" Imagine trying to pass someone going 90....

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