I know I'm not the only one.

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  • watson

    I know I'm not the only one that has been saying for years that they needed to consolidate the meetings.

    I used this to open up an conversation with my elder buddie, before the "big announcement." It was funny to see the look on his face when I reminded him of this. All he could say was, "don't miss this Sunday's meeting." I told him that I had other plans, and wouldn't be able to make it. I asked him to spill the beans, but he just grinned, and said I'll have to wait.

    He had the power!! I had the internet!


  • flipper

    WATSON- You should tell your elder buddy he will have even more power in his life if he uses the internet ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Hope4Others

    And you were grinning ear to ear on the inside! Now weren't you tell the truth ?


  • Gordy

    Many ex JWs have been saying how surprised they are about the end of the book study group (well you couldn't call it a Bible study). Many did enjoy it because it was a bit more relaxed. I know sometimes our group could be quite hilarious. It also seemed to be an occasion where brothers/sisters could raise a question on a subject. There were Elders who also put their own "thought" on some teachings not quite what the WT wanted.
    Also there was the tea/coffee afterwards.
    Can't have brothers/sisters socialising who knows what they may talk about.

    They say it is because it was a "burden" on JWs, cost of travel etc. Yet the group was supposed to local enough that it wasn't to far to travel to. Most of my group were all within walking distance. Also I recall them saying that the groups would be the centre to meet at, when the "great tribulation" came.
    Is it more of a case of "closing ranks" as more and more people come to know about the WT.
    Is it a case of keeping control on what JWs are taught?

    Over the past year or so, they have shortened the Public talk to 30 minutes. Made one Watchtower magazine a JW only edition , the Awake is only one edition a month. Now they done away with one meeting. Which will result in shortened School and service meeting sections as they combine the book study with them on that night.

    Does it seem that they are trying to hold on to the members they already have?

    The WT knows the numbers who are leaving can no longer be put down to "immorality" etc, but is increasingly because of "apostatsy" that is JWs are learning the truth about WT teachings.
    Of course many have left because of other issues. Changes in teachings in recent times, "generation" "heavenly class"
    Then there is the "UN scandal" which rocked many.
    Then of course the paedophile issue, and the policy of "two witnesses" shocked many also. I know of two strong Elders who left because of this.

    What will be next? Maybe the end of the Blood doctrine? That would hit many also, the repercussions from that could be great.
    Or maybe the end of the preaching work for there have been those saying that Matt 24:14 has been fulfilled. So why continue preaching?

    The general feeling seems to be that something is in the air, something is happening to the WT organisation.

  • Casper

    He had the power!! I had the internet!

    So true...

    hope you get to bring that up again with him...lol


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