What a scam! The spin stops here!

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  • 5thGeneration

    "We are taking steps to lighten your load".

    Now we only require 10x more than any other religious group as opposed to 20x.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    "We are taking steps to lighten your load".

    We wish to make your wallets lighter.

  • greendawn

    Being a JW is stressful enough given the circumstances of a supposed never ending pressure from satan and his earthly allies the demands of the org, the need to keep from bringing reproach on jehovah and the unloving self seeking brotherhood. That's where they should look for lightening the load.

  • Gregor

    I see it as trying to pander to the growing restlessness of the shrinking rank and file. They are lowering the bar for the commitment it takes to join or remain in the org. This is by no means the "Big News" of two years ago but I think it is significant. How would you feel if your employer told you he was reducing your work hours but your pay would stay the same?

    This is consistent with my theory that the WTS is strategically becoming just another LDS, Adventist, Cristian Scientist, etc. sect that perks along indefinately. I think eventually the entire thing will be based on a heavenly hope and the burdensome Armegeddon/New World doctrine will be faded.

    (This was spammed from the site next door on the same subject. So shoot me.)

  • WTWizard

    We are taking one boasting session away to lighten your load. Now, you have to thank us by doubling your field circus time. And, no going to Starbucks during this newfound evening witlessing.

  • nelly136

    i think it has something to do with the new charity rules, larger charities have to show theyre implementing changes in reports by march 2009, of course larger charities cant be expected to implement change overnight so they have until early next year to do it.


    the form of the benefit can take many different shapes and forms;Benefits can be direct and/or tangible benefits or they can be intangible (providing that they can be said to be approved by a common understanding of enlightened opinion that there is a benefit). Equally, indirect benefits can be taken into account.

    • what is capable of being recognised as a benefit must be assessed in light of modern conditions;
    This includes taking account of the current general law, social habits and social and economic circumstances.

    (there seems to be more interest in whether people of lower incomes are excluded in the charities benefits)

    blah blah etc

    • The benefit should come about either in the direct delivery of some reasonable and appropriate benefit to a properly chosen beneficiary or in, or as a result of, an action by charity trustees directed to some main charitable aim. Objectively viewed, it should not be an independent benefit.

      For example, a synagogue, church, temple or mosque is charitable because it holds public religious services and gives religious instruction and pastoral help. Frequently, activity overflows from the place of worship itself to a hall and this often involves personal benefits for members of the congregation in the form of social activities. These social activities in themselves are rarely directed predominantly to the social well-being of the members. Normally they will be merely ancillary to the strictly religious activities.

    3. Issues to consider here might include:

    • what is the nature and effect of the benefit?;
    • what is the real end towards which assets are allocated?;
    • is the private benefit a main (or predominant) purpose?;
    • is the promotion of private interests an incidental consequence of carrying out a main charitable object?

    ......would the bible studies give them a whole lot of paperwork to fill in on whom maybe benefitting and how?

    they're private homes so theyre not open to the public per se.

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