Helping out the WTBS with their financial needs

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  • donkey


    What constitutes the bulk of the expenses for the WT organization?

    Is it the printing of the literature? Yes
    Is it the distribution of the literature? Yes
    Is it the administrative expense for collecting and compiling congregation reports? Yes
    Is it the multiple international branches? Yes

    Solution: Welcome to the internet.

    Think about a cascaded MLM type operation.

    Each congregation get's a congregation admin account. This account is used to communicate with the society, download the latest literature, report field service, SETUP sub-accounts for each publisher or interested person.
    Each person can update their field service numbers, print tracts (yes all FS in the future is based upon tracts - short 4 page pdf documents).

    By going virtual it also allows the organization to be "portable" in case the work is ever banned in one country or another. It also enables them to become lawsuit proof in others.

    This is an idea that can be very practical for them. Who wants to bet me that they will have this in the next 8 years?


  • DJK

    How would you keep out hackers? The society doesn't trust the world, this may be a good reason against it.

  • greendawn

    Let's hope they will fail to do it just as they failed to use the internet for preaching the R&F were strongly discouraged from doing so but then I suppose that was because it would reduce the sales of their publications. JWs preaching their false gospel without selling the usual mags and books.

  • WTWizard

    All it would take is for an apostate to write up a pdf that throws the original pdf back in their faces and post the new article on the same site.

  • unfree

    i cant say how I know this, but in "my area", the Elders (and the congregations) already have an internal web system where they report congregational stuff and what not, as far as I know. I am not exactly sure of everything they can do on it, but I believe that they do report a few things and can download books and what not. I could be wrong, but I have seen and heard of it personally.

  • avengers

    Let them stay in the stone age where they belong.

    Internet is demonic devils and evil!


    what a bunch of dorks upthere in their ivory watchtower.

  • Aleman

    They want to avoid the likes of people in this forum to adultrate with the clean people who have washed their clothes in the blood of the lamb.


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