Addendum . .Brenda's conf call tonite

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  • ShirleyW

    Since for somer reason i can't join the call and they are talking about suicide in the borg, I've known several dubs that took that route, the Daniels Family orignally from Brooklyn, moved to Queens, had a son, Andre, that obviously was very worldly, clothes and hanging out (this was during the disco era) he was called into the back room, heard from quite a few that he cursed out the elders that were counseling him, however, he commited suicide, and of course his mother was saying in public (however, none of us know what was in her mind about losing her first born and only son) said "oh well, he didn't follow Jehovah . . .sad commentary from a mother

    • Another family that endured suicide is the Arthur Goode family, last I heard they were in the Poconos, had a VERY LARGE family, one of their daughters whom i was told was quite popular and a pioneer, was learning the deaf hand language to use at the ASSemblies, pulled her car into the garage and let the engine run. Why would someone so "dedicated to Jah" do such a thing, perhaps because they're told " you need to do more for Jehovah" from people who wash windows for a living, isn't there some legal recourse that can be taken against the Borg since the elders have no formal training in psychology, if not something is very wrong . . . .
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Perhaps their daughter had a chemical imbalance and would have done it anyway? Perhaps she was bipolar? Perhaps she didn't like her breakfast that day? Who the hell knows why she did it? C'mon, lighten up. Not everything is the result of fricken field service. Mentally distressed people are everywhere. How many times did helping others cause her NOT to commit suicide? We never will know that, will we? W.Once

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