Geneaologies...are any of you doing them?

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  • LovesDubs

    I have been working on and off on my familys and my husbands familys trees for a few years now. Only using the internet mind you and I am so fascinated with it! Its EASY to do and its like putting together a huge puzzle. Every piece is exciting! It is very eye opening and I highly recommend trying it if you havent. The Mormons have a terrific site and I also use . I was inspired to do this because my mother said that her own dad, my grandfather, never mentioned the names of his own parents! He never mentioned if he had brothers or sisters...or any relatives at all! My mothers mother didnt even know the name of HER father and her mother came over here with three babies alone from Sweden in the late 1800s so we didnt know past my own parents anything about our family. It turns out my grandfathers dad married three or more times...and my grandfather had SIX half brothers and sisters and not ONCE did I ever hear that I had all those potential uncles and aunts and cousins out there...and all of them raised in Chicago only a few miles away.

    You can see the ORIGINAL censuses they wrote out online. Those alone are soooooo cool to see. You can see the original ships manifests of when your relatives came over to this country. You can find obituaries, Social Security applications, military records and draft registrations...all in the original handwriting of your relatives. There are articles from the papers where they lived, you can see and FEEL what it was like to live 100-200 or more, years ago. And now they have available a DNA test you can write for and have your own DNA tested to see where in the world your ancestry is from...places you hadnt figured on. :)

    The mormons may have an unusual belief that they can baptize the dead, but on the other hand their records are impecable and you will probably find your family between those two web sites. Also, in doing my own tree, I ran into relatives in my familly doing the same thing and we have gotten to know each other and shared stories.

    I just met my dads brothers son...his FIRST COUSIN whom I never met before in my 53 years...and we found each other online here. He said his dad had been married to someone before he was born, and that he had two half siblings out there but didnt know who they or this mystery woman were. His father refused to tell them. It turned out that not only did I have a PICTURE of his father and that first wife because my dad was a groomsman, but that my research on the family had a LISTING of that woman, her maiden name and the dates of birth and the full names of his two missing siblings! He was was like this huge gapping hole in his life disappeared within just half an hour of he and I finding each other. And...he lives only 3 hours from me here too!! I cant wait to meet he and his wife in person!

    Its cheap, its fun and its something you can pass down to your kids. The internet has brought us all closer together on this little blue orb :)


  • Invetigator74

    I joined 2 or 3 years ago, and haven't regretted it! Awesome site!

  • Hope4Others
    Its cheap, its fun and its something you can pass down to your kids. The Internet has brought us all closer together on this little blue orb :)

    Yes, we did this a few years back it is very interesting to do. My husband really got into this area, and he still finds things. For me it was already done on both sides mom & dad but

    it is good to have. I have thought of making sure it gets entered on-line so that great, great, great grand-kids have something to look at if we ever get any. (Still waiting sigh....) it sure

    helped pass the feeling sorry for ourselves phase, no friends, since we left the cult, all good now though. The info has really increased through searches now in the last 2 years.

    You can Google a lot of things now. I do not no how he (husband) does it but he finds stuff, it amazes me still. You ought to see the stacks of printed paper he has, I hate

    to think of how many trees we have in our house.




  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    My mom started doing genealogy back in the early eighties before the internet . She and my Dad would take trips and research the cemetaries and old court houses in the towns her family came from . She use to tell me all about her research and I would humor her by acting interested :( but back then I was young and just didn't care that much )..... Now that I am older I see why she was so interested in it .

    Since she has died I have been going through alot of her papers and I would really like to get it onto the internet all her work should not go to waste . I have tried to fill in some of the things she missed and the internet information can be mind boogeling .

  • Jim_TX

    I have dabbled a bit with researching my ancestors. I have used the Social Security deceased index (or whatever it's called) for obtaining a copy of my dad's S.S. application. Very enlightening. Problem is - it only works for recent relatives. Many of mine didn't have a S.S. card/number.

    I also subscribed for 10 days to a newspaper archive service. That was VERY helpful. My parents and grandparents grew up/lived in a small town that had a local newspaper. I searched through them and snagged all of the events that mentioned their names. By doing so - I learned of my Great-Grandfather - who passed away at 94, and of his sons - and where they were living at that time. (I haven't gone further with this tidbit - but could follow this trail to locate more info on them - if I wanted to.)

    My sister and brother supposedly have done some genealogy research... but when talking to them, they act like they have a load of gold bullion - and are very reluctant to share info. I have my doubts that they really have anything worthwhile... as they haven't ever shown anything - and make references to 3x5 cards. (I really think that I may have more info - and that isn't much to begin with.) I also think that they only researched my mom's side of the family - as any time they talk about relatives - they're on her side of the family.

    Anyway - genealogy is fascinating and fun.

    A story told me by someone goes something like...

    "Yeah... I paid this fella to do my genealogy research, and when he was finished I then had to pay him to not show anyone who I was related to." (Or something like that.)


    Jim TX

  • changeling

    My aunt on my Dad's side is a geneaology nut. She's traced our family for years. She sends us all kind of interesting info. However, I'm a little skeptical because she keeps finding important people in our line. While I guess somebody has to be related to important people, it just seems a little "much".If she's right then I descend from: William the Conqueror, Lady Godiva (who knew she was real?), Charles Carroll (signed the Declaration of Independance - see "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage, LOL),and a governor of Noth Carolina (forget which one), among others.

    Oh, and Lucy Mercer (alleged mistress if FDR) was my grandmother's cousin. This I know is a fact.

    The funniest part is my mom's standard answer to my aunt's claims: "We all descend from Adam and Eve and that's nothing to brag about". I think this is a quote from an old Watchtower that my mom's negative mind latched on to.

    changeling :)

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