Is this present new millennium judgement day?

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  • the sage
    the sage

    Have we entered the seventh millennium?

    Are we now living in the time of Christ's promised second coming? Have we entered the one thousand year period of His rule as the Prince of Peace, the conclusion to God's seven thousand year rest day?

    Check out the scripturial research, the one thousand year period called Har-ma-ged'on. See: Chapter nine page 186. click; (read the book).

  • JCanon

    I checked this book out and then tried to find out more about the author and IT'S YOU!!!! How exciting!!

    Did you know your book is available at TARGET? (See, I did check you out)!. I also read page 186. It is easy to see you were an ex-JW.

    Obviously, I have my own timeline so 6000 years do not run out per my timeline until 2131 AD, give or take a year. But one thing I liked was that you didn't really end the 6ch Creative Day until Adam was 30. I too agree that 30 is likely the age Eve was created. I factor that into my chronology as well.

    Your book is well written and easy to follow. I can tell the witness influence though. One stunning example is thinking the woman in Revelation is God's woman. You don't deal with Satan attacking this woman and her having to flee to the "wilderness" to any great extent. To me, this proves this cannot be a heavenly woman but an earthly woman: "Rejoice you heavens, but woe to the earth." That woman represents the earth and is connected to it. If this woman was truly God's woman, the faithful angels, not only would they not be afraid of Satan, having just conquered him, but also Satan would have no access to them since they are in heaven and Satan has been kicked out of heaven. You also follow the WTS in presuming this child born is not the messiah himself but represents God's kingdom and his authority to bring forth the one who would bruise Satan in the head. See? I did read some of your book. But at least you represent the child as the messiah and not just the kingdom as the WTS does. That is, Christ comes out of God's heavenly woman. But this is a super generalization that ignores the timing here of when Satan is kicked out of heaven, etc. So it was interesting to see how you handled this.

    As far as the chronology goes, since you are an author, you clearly know how to research. What I found was that Xerxes faked his death and claimed to be Artaxerxes with the help of Themistocles. If you look up Plutarch, you can see there was a huge controversy even in his time over just whom Themistocles fled to. But since Themistocles is part of the conspiracy, obviously the sources where he claims he went to Artaxerxes only would be based on his statement. But the actual interview with XERXES is historically preserved by Plutarch, a complete contradiction to the current history. But the discrepancy is explained when you realize they were the same king but claiming otherwise. Once you start here, then the Persian and Greek Chronology implodes on itself. What my research has basically done is confirmed what Martin Anstey in his "Romance of Bible Chronology" always surmised, which is that there is 82 years too many during the Persian Period. I confirmed where those 82 years are and why they were added.

    If that is the case, then he concept of the millennium having begun already can be adjusted.

    THE MOST INTERESTING REFLECTION, though, is that I just realized that 1975 was the date JWs identified as 6000 years of man's history. The scandal over 1975 not bringing Armageddon has distracted from the fact that the WTS still has that timeline and so must be wondering while the millennium hasn't begun! But they don't even TOUCH that now! They have no mention of any 6000 years of man's existence. Thus their theory about the millennium being the 7th 1000 years of the 7th Crative Day is in LIMBO!!! I just realized they have no answer for how that is suposed to work out now!!

    I see you have adjusted the concept a bit to extend to 2002 in relation to Satan's rule. But even so, it must not make any sense in 2008, now some 33 years after the fact, that the millennium theory in connection with the 6000-year theory now doesn't work. Especially since they maintain the same timeline! I hadn't given it much concern since I had my own corrected timeline. I didn't think about what they must be thinking about the 6000-year concept.

    Just for the record, you do sort of focus that when the 7th Creative Day is cover, God makes all things new after the 49,000 years. I agree with that. But after the 1000 years, you know Satan is let out for a while and then there is Judgment Day, when all the dead come back. I believe these two events do happen within the 7th Crative Day so that by the time it ends, all things are as they should be before and thus God saying he is "making all things new" is a reference to the beginning of the 8th Creative Day. Thus, as I have published before, based on my chronology research, though 6000 years after Eve's Creation, when Adam was 30, might end in 2131 AD, I allow 40 years for Satan's last test and 80 years for Judgment Day, on this side of the 8th Creative Day. Thus the millennium is not the very last 1000 years, but makes room for 120 years after the millennium for Satan's last test and Judmgent Day. That moves the 2131 AD date that marks the last 1000 years up to 2011 AD. Still a future date, but a reasonable date to see the millennium based upon all the presumptions. I allow about 2 years for the fall of Babylon and Armageddon leading up to the millennium, so we're down to the wire as far as my presumptive chronology goes. So I have no disappointed 6000-year issues as far as the millennium already beginning, or reinterpreting the milllennium other than as presented directly in scripture. We'll see what happens when 2011 rolls around, but for now, everything works out, and I have absolute confidence in the timeline adjustments, directly confirmed, by the VAT4956.

    Thanks for drawing attention to your book. Obviously, you have a passion for chronology and seeing the Bible fulfilled.




    There are various chronologies man came up . The chronologies set by those servants God Yahweh accepts in His plan of salvation are those that we should consider.

    I was able to confirm numerous dates the Watchower came out with in their publication "Babylon the Great Has Fallen ". Since Jehovah's Witnesses seem to fit the end timeline very well to call them as the true christian organization we can rest assured the dates they have are acceptable to a high degree.

    1037 BC - 1034 AD - 607 BC - 537 BC - 1914 AD - 1984 AD - 1991 AD - 1994 AD = 3030 years .It implies one symbolic day must have 1010 years.

    4027 BC + 7 days which is 7070 years = 3044 AD

    The last day is the 7th day of 1010 years . 3044 AD - 10 years = 3034 AD - 1000 years = 2034 AD

    2034 AD + 1000 years = 3034 AD

    4010 BC-3010 BC-2010 BC - 1010 BC - 10 BC - 991 AD -1991 AD = 6000 years = 6 days each 1000 years.

    10 BC - 11 AD ( 20 years ) + 2000 years = 2011 AD 10 BC + 2 days as 2 x 1010 years = 2011 AD

    10 BC + 2000 years = 1991 AD + 20 years = 2011 AD

    4027 BC -Adam created 4010 BC -Adam sinned 4027 BC - 4010 BC = 17 years 1991 AD - 2011 AD = 20 years

    The age of Christ : 2 BC (fall) - 33 AD (spring ) = 33.5 years

    The age of Adam + the age of Eve when they sinned in 4010 BC 17 years + 16.5 years = 33.5 years

    2011 AD - 2034 AD = 23 years 17+20+23 = 60 years 3034 AD - 3044 AD = 10 years 60 years + 10 years = 70 years Our final timeline is: 1878 AD - 1879 AD - 1914 AD - 1984 AD - 1991 AD - 2011 AD - 2012 AD - 2034 AD 2011 AD - 2012 AD - Belongs to Christ - God's Word and one year is ascribed to him. God's Kingdom will be established and the period of 22 years will follow . There were 22 letters in the Old Hebrew . These 22 represented God's Word .God's Word will be proclaimed to nations in the Paradise in the period : 2011 AD -Christ as God's Word - 2012 AD - the Bible as God's Word - 2034 AD.

    1878 AD - Christ as God's Word - the beginning - 1879 AD + 66 years for 66 books in the Bible as God's Word - the beginning and then we have 1945 AD + 66 years for the Bible as the end = 2011 AD + one year for Christ as he is also the end - 2012 AD.

    The Bible is the beginning and the end .Christ is the beginning and the end.

    1878 AD - 1879 AD - 1945 AD - the beginning phase ; 1945 AD - 2011 AD - 2012 AD = the end phase

    2011 AD - Christ as God's Word - the beginning of the Paradise-2012 AD and 2012 AD - 2034 AD - God's Word again as the beginning of the Paradise ; 22- letter Hebrew = 22 years .There is no end to the Paradise !

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Oops - this must be a gathering of modern day, former Jw, Millennial prophets and soothsayers............

    Sorry. Wrong room.

    Jeff [of the had enough of false prophets in the Watchtower class]

  • the sage
    the sage

    Hi JC!

    Glad you enjoyed a look at my research. We are all looking for answers If we don't find them today someone may come along and get another peace of the puzzle and one day will all know the answers. Dan.12:3,4.

    Your thoughts on Ha-ma-ged'on. As you have probably recognized my view is that it is a happening, that takes place over a long period of time. It does not just envolve this generation but all the generations of mankind, the living and the dead, therefore the restoration of all mankind will take some time. John 5;28,29 says: all will be resurrected to judgement.

    Also, the battle starts at the begining of the symbolic 1,000 year millennium and is a war against error that concludes in the end with Satan's demise and the death of those not conforming to God's law. Rev 19: 19-21; 20:7-15.

    There is the possibility that the next few years could see medical science with God's blessing allowing mankind to reach a measure of perfection such as was possessed by Adam and Eve in their origianal perfect physical and mental state. If God is just this would have to be the case otherwise we are judged for inherited imperfection. The fulfillment of the prophecy in Isa 65:20 would make that possible. That would also allow mankind to use 100% of his brain power eliminating psychological problems. Thus if one chose to disobey God's law's it would not be because he inherited sin or (error) from Adam.Rom 5:12.

    The Sage!

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    I think religion screws up more people than drugs do.

    At least with drugs it wears off.

    Religion leaves permanent brain damage, so it would seem.

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    Wow, just wow. You guys have succeeded in making a thread even more boring than the hall.

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    To answer the subject question, all I can do is quote Voltaire:

    "I have no need for that hypothesis" ~ Voltaire, to Napoleon

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