Assembly in Seattle this weekend?

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  • Lynnie
    Does anyone know about an assembly or convention or whatever they call it now in the Seattle-Tacoma area in the last couple of weeks? I have a ditzy cousin who posts on FB that the assembly was "promoting peace and the sun." Really? I'm sure they were really promoting money and the GB but my cousin is so newly brainwashed she has her own twist on everything. Oh and she's an elder's daughter that really doesn't have to play by the rules but does whatever and people just fawn all over her! Puke!!!
  • JeffT
    As far as I know all the assemblies are held in a Hall built for that purpose, located in Puyallup. If it was a circuit assembly it would have been there, I think they have one almost every weekend. I live north of Seattle I have not heard of anything special going on, but I don't have any contact with the Borg anymore.
  • _Morpheus
    Peace and sun...? Is your cousin a dubbie or hippe :P
  • NewYork44M
    Are you sure you cousin knows what religion she is in? May be she went to the wrong convention by mistake.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    Perhaps the Prince of Peace son, Jesus?
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    Or maybe they talked about the distance between the sun and the earth? 🌞🌏
  • Lynnie
    Well my cousin acts like a hippie, hiking all the time, always in the woods. She was born in and never went for it until her early 30's when her grandma died and now she's the uber witness that her elder father is oh so proud of. She's VERY popular now in the org and seems to do whatever she wants, almost a double life. Even went overnight camping with single male and female friends and no chaperone! WTF? But yeah I was wondering what convention she went to that proclaims "peace and the sun." HA! JW's do not promote peace at all!
  • JWdaughter

    My mom is located in the South Sound area and they have something going on soon(this weekend, I think). She was arranging with someone to drive yesterday. (She is always the driver and always accomodates the preferences of whoever is riding with her.)

    I remember when they first built the PUyallup assembly hall. We used to go to assemblies at the local high schools. Probably a lot cheaper then! Even though the building is now about 40 years old! I am sure it has long been paid for. I know they have maintenance projects regularly for all the halls within any kind of reasonable distance. (Or they used to)

  • wifibandit
    US & Canada 2015 Convention location and dates:

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