American Militia - MEDIA SPIN PART 1

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Quote from: IridiumKEPfactor on Today at 04:09:11 PM

    Please take some time and watch what they were saying back then. And look at what is happening today.

    "WOW...This is almost prophetic hearing these guys talk about what the government was going to do. We can now look at things today and see that all that they were saying then has come to pass now. I wonder where these guys are today and I can imagine them saying... I TOLD YOU SO...seeing all that is happening now with the patriot act, constitution being referred to as a got damn piece of paper, land being confiscated and the right of people being eroded away. Let us not forget the fact that amkerica is a blink away from being under UN control."

    "So far as that idiot Donohue goes...this is why I hate talk show hosts...they are too self agrandizing, self centered and think that the show is about them as opposed to being about the guest. I barely remember Donohue being on the air, but i do vaguely remember him being caught up in some homosexual scandal...serves him right...what a clown not giving people a chance to speak."

  • heathen

    Looks like phil is just another goose stepping nazi socialist . People just looking at those photos of Russian armaments in the US and acting like this is nothing to worry about , how stupid can you be? I guess we should just worry about people that want a constitutional government , gee there's the threat .Threat to tyranny that is..........

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